I woke up at about 6:00 am. My parents were there already. The nurses started getting me ready for surgery. It all happened so quickly. I was put on a rolling bed and sent down to the prep room. While I waited, they were asking me if I needed anything. I was a little worried that I had never been asked what size I wanted my boobs to be. I didn't want to wake up with this humungous chest and be angry. So, I made sure I got to talk to Dr. Schrang beforehand. That made me feel much more comfortable. The nurses told me that I wouldn't have had to worry, because he's been doing augmentation for so long that he just has an eye for what looks good.

After a few more minutes, they wheeled me into the OR. From there, they gave me a warm blanket and the anesthesiologist put me under. He was very good at it too. He told me exactly what he was doing. "You're going to feel a cold prick. And now another warm prick. OK, good night." That was it. There wasn't even much bruising afterwards. Very clean job. Then surgery began at about 7:30 am.

I woke up around 1:00 in the afternoon. My parents were there. It was a peaceful time. The most pain I felt was across my chest. The catheter wasn't too bad, but just got annoying. Sometimes it didn't drain on it's own, which required me to mess with it. That can be uncomfortable. Mainly I just couldn't believe I'm post-op. The rest of the day was kind of a haze. They had me on a constant demerol IV. So I was a bit out of it. They gave me a sleeping pill that night as well, not that I needed it with the Demerol. I slept well.



Today I checked into the hospital. Things went pretty smoothly, except that I wasn't exactly sure how the order of events was supposed to go. Turns out it was simpler than I thought. I saw one doctor for the pre-op check. They did an EKG and went through the week on what would happen. After that, my blood tested for HIV and such, which of course was negative. There was no way I could have it. Then I got shown to my room for the next week.

Bowel prep started after I got into my room. I never want to have to do that ever again. I had to drink two disgusting liquids all night. They gave me this gallon of something called GoLYTLE. It was mixed with Crystal Light lemonade. Even with that, it tasted so horrible. Then, they added Magnesium sulfate, which I only had to drink three small doses of. The first one came about an inch away from making me throw up.

After that they gave me a pill for nausea. I was supposed to drink all of the crystal light junk, but only made it about half way through. I just couldn't drink it all. Besides, I was sore from going to the bathroom so much. I don't think I'll ever drink crystal light again. Just....too many bad memories. After that, the nurses had to make sure I was shaven. Then I was given a sleeping pill and some anti-biotics. I was thankful for that since I was so nervous. I never would have fallen asleep on my own. That was it for Day 1.



Tomorrow I leave for the hospital. It should be interesting. Here is my schedule for the week:

Monday Aug 2: Leave for hospital around 1:00 in the afternoon. Get there around 3:00. 3:30 is the pre-surgical consultation. After that I'll probably relax for a little while. Later that night I get to go through bowel prep....not so excited about that.

Tuesday Aug 3: 7:30 am surgery begins. I should be out of the OR by noon. After's pain and recovery.

Wednesday Aug 4 through Tuesday Aug 10: Relax and recover in the hospital. I wont be allowed out of my bed for the majority of that time. I probably wont be able to even roll on my side. On the 10th I'm discharged.

Wednesday Aug 11 and Thursday Aug 12: Staying at the Holiday Inn near the hospital. After that I head to my parents house.

Friday Aug 13 through Aug 31: Recover at parents house

I think it'll go well. I'm not really all that scared. I'm just nervous and excited. I can't believe this is really happening. I dreamed about this at five years old. It's truly a dream come true. Today I went shopping with my mom for some loose fitting clothing to wear during my few days after the surgery is done. It's going to be a painful time, so they want light, loose fitting stuff to wear. I'm sure I'll be leaking, so these clothes are getting their only use this week.

The "Bye Bye Penis" party didn't quite happen as planned. I got a lot of "I'm not sure if I can make it" e-mails. I invited a ton of people, but the day just didn't work out for a ton of my friends. One was in Italy, another got stuck out of state forced to move out of his apartment, another friend was closing on her house in Illinois, most of my friends from school just couldn't get time away from work to drive the three and a half hours to my parents house, etc. I had a few people come and it was still fun. I know without a doubt that the "Hello Kitty" party will be a heck of a lot more fun though. Everyone in my college town wants to come. The friends who couldn't make it due to conflicts told me they will be there. I think there will be a packed house for it.

I have some good ideas for the party too. We want to make paper mache pussy lips to put around the door frame that people enter through. Also, we could hang a camel toe for people to kiss under ;). We could play pin the cooter on the transsexual. I'm sure there's a ton more ideas that can be had with this party too. My friend Annie wants to help me make them. She's an art major and also a lesbian. We went to high school together. She was very excited when I suggested the paper mache labia. It was so cool seeing her, since I haven't in many years. She brought me two dozen roses! I still am a bit surprised at that. They are very pretty. I loved her line she said before she left the party..."It was great to see you now that you've gotten all hot and stuff." I blushed. It was cute. She may visit me in the hospital. That should be cool.

I've learned that when I'm worried or nervous, I dream of storms. For the past three nights there have been thunderstorms and tornadoes in my dreams. I've been waking up a lot and can't sleep very long. It's worth the frustration though. Today I distracted myself by helping my father cut the grass. We had a great dinner too. I figure I can eat how I want tonight since it's all coming out tomorrow anyway. I hope I can sleep tonight.

I haven't heard from Jill since I got home. She may or may not visit. It's ok if she doesn't. I understand her reasons. I hope she knows I'm totally ok with just being friends with her. I sent her an e-mail of my time in the hospital and numbers to find out what room I'm in. I tried to be clear that I'm not pressuring her into anything. I didn't hear, we'll see what happens.

Well, it's really hot in my parents house. I want to go outside and cool off. Everyone please wish me luck on the surgery. I'll write again after I get home on the 11th. Bye everyone.



Today I head back home. It's my last day of work, and amazingly, I've actually planned ahead. Last night I did my dishes, cleaned up the apartment as much as I could, and packed all my stuff up. So, for once, all I have to do when I get home is grab my toiletries and any other miscellaneous items and head home. I'll actually get home at a decent time instead of after midnight. I may even have time to go shopping for my party tomorrow. Amazing isn't it?

It's been pretty unusual at work this week. It's been really busy. Usually on Fridays we sit on our butts, listen to music, and don't do much of anything. Today it's been call after call, we have about four or five computers to work on, laptops keep coming in and out...kind of annoying really. It's nice to have a slow day each week. We haven't had one this week. Of course, it's always that way the week before I leave. Oh well. At least it went by really fast.

I grabbed all the stuff I plan on doing while in the hospital, and it was a rather large pile. I was able to fit most of it in my backpack though. I brought along a ton of movies, books, and video games. I hope I wont be too bored. I might pick up some more books this weekend before I head out to the hospital on Monday. I read pretty quick and might finish a book a day.

My boss is lending me her smart media card for my camera. I can usually only take 25 pictures before my camera is full. I never invested in a decent sized memory card. So, she's being nice so I can take a bunch of pictures for the website. You'll get to see how crappy I look the day of the surgery. I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to take a lot for me. We'll see.

Anyway, this entry has literally taken me hours to write. It's just so busy. I think I'll leave it at this for now. I'll write again some time this weekend. Tomorrow's the Bye Bye Penis party, and of course I have to report on that. See ya later.



Hehehe...sorry Jill. I couldn't resist. Anyway, today was my last laser treatment for a while. It hurt, as usual. I made it through it ok though. There was one spot I knew was going to hurt, and it did quite a bit. Overall though, the bum is not that bad...just certain parts of it. Anyway, moving on...

The most embarrassing part of today was when I went to pay for the treatment. It was $195.08...which is the normal price for it, but it's still a lot. I don't get paid until tomorrow, nor has my paypal withdrawal gone through yet. It sucks that it takes three or four days for that. So, I was relying on the $500 protection that I thought I had. The card was declined. Turns out the protection works for any transaction...but has nothing to do with the acceptance of my debit card. So, I had to hold a balance on my card and send a check in by mail instead. I felt really dumb and embarrassed.

Aside from that, the day went pretty well. I don't know what it is with this week, but everyone on campus is having computer issues. The helpdesk is really busy. It's not so bad though. It keeps my mind occupied and the hours go by pretty fast. I forget that I'm tired and that I haven't been sleeping well.

Speaking of which, last night wasn't a good night. It took me probably an hour to fall asleep. I just tossed and turned that whole time. It was frustrating. Then, I kept waking up throughout the night. I know I dreamt a few times. In one interesting dream I was back in high school playing dodge ball with college friends. I could fly through the hallways, and then met up with Spiderman and some other heroes later. After that I got stuck in a large airport/hotel with my old high school friend, Missy. I am so weird.

Tonight I have to pack my things. Tomorrow I head home. Surgery is four days away. I just can't believe it's here already. I wonder how the party will go this weekend. I hope people come and have a good time. I wont be prepared at all. I can't really by frozen foods ahead of hot dogs and such. Nor can I by just about anything. Being broke doesn't help either. Oh well.

Jill says I end too many of my diary entries with "I'm hungry. I'm going to go eat." So...I'm not hungry. I'm not going to go eat. However, I am at work. So I should probably get back to that. ;) See you later.