I have spent the last two weeks working my ass off. School is

starting for me in one week. Right now I'm just basically preparing for

next week at the TV station. Last week was RA training for housing. I

worked soooo much last week. It was 12 hours a day every day. Wednesday

through Friday was RA camp...which I had to go to. It was a two night

stay at a YMCA camp. They had group showers. So...most of us didn't


No, I'm not an RA. I was there as tech support. I took pictures and did

video taping. I also made sure the data projector and laptop were ready

when the presenters needed it. I'm fairly certain I worked harder than

anyone else there. I'm including the assistant and associate directors

of housing in that too. I worked so much I was worn out by the night

and slept early and long. What a week.

I spent the weekend recovering. Now I'm back at it, but at least it's

at my own pace now. I've been very productive while working. So, that's

good. I'm productive all around it seems. The site, though most of you

haven't seen it yet, has been slowly coming along. The new

Transcyclopedia is set up and I've been copying information over as

well as adding new information. I wish I had thought of doing this

earlier. It's going to make this site so much more dynamic and easier

to use. So yeah...a few more days of moving data, and I think it's

about time to switch over to the new look.

Sabrina and I are almost to the two month mark. So...I can easily say

we've surpassed the length of any relationship I've had within the past

five years. That's quite an accomplishment. The relationship has had

it's ups and downs. I've learned a lot about my own issues though. She

and I have had some important conversations recently about

communication and such. I think she understands how important it is for

me to hear certain things and keep in contact while we're both busy at

school. We aren't going to see each other online much now that school

is going. So, I had to make sure our relationship didn't die from

stagnation. She may have been a bit naive about that, but it's

understandable. So yeah...still going strong.

Amazed? I am too. Jess has something positive to say about her love

life. It is quite a rare time indeed. In fact, the whole concept of

Jess having a love life is odd. Hopefully that oddness will pass


Kevin left for good this Saturday. I knew the time was coming all

summer. It came so much faster than I expected. He graduated in May and

worked here while his sublease lasted. Now he's three hours away. I

hate seeing friends leave, especially friends as good and close to me

as Kevin. When he left, I was surprised at how well I took it. It was

probably due to it not really feeling like he was going to be gone. It

wasn't until Saturday night that it really hit that he left. I walked

to the park and passed his place. As I looked over I realized that he

wasn't living there anymore. I couldn't go to visit him just to say hi.

No more cookouts. No more sitting and talking at 1:00 am on the bench

that I also walked past. I thought about it on my walk there, and when

I hit that same place on the way home...I started crying really hard.

It's even hard thinking about it now.

Sunday he called me just to say hi. It felt like normal. I told him

that I cried about him being gone. I could tell he was touched by it.

This whole year Kevin and I really bonded through the miniseries at the

studio, and just from hanging out. He was one of the only people that I

felt so comfortable with just hanging. Sometimes our creativity

clashed...but not in a bad way. I already miss him. I hope our

friendship never ends though.

I started watching Joss Whedon's Firefly this week. I've had it sitting

in my apartment all summer but never started watching it. Watching 24

took too long to get through, and I hadn't wanted to start another

series while watching that one. I'm really glad I'm watching it though.

It's really f-ing cool. I want to find the guy at Fox or whatever

network it was on that decided to cancel the show and slap him. He's

definitely one of the biggest fools in the entertainment industry.

Needless to say I am enjoying it and am looking forward to the upcoming

film "Serenity". Check it out if you get the chance.

Well, I think it's bedtime for me. I'll talk at you all some more later. Keep an eye on the site for the big change soon. Bye!



Today I got notice that my high school band director died. He was

52. That man was one of strongest influences on my life. I actually

almost majored in music because of him. I have some pretty great

memories too. We had become friends by the time I left school.

Unfortunately we had lost touch since I went off to college.

After he retired from my high school, he got his doctorate and moved up

in the world. He was the head of the jazz music program at Marquette

University. He had been in that position for only a couple years. I

went to high school with both of his children. His daughter was in my

class and I played 1st chair trombone with his son. We sat next to each

other every day.

He taught me what music really is. He taught me how to really play, how

to lead, and how to love music. He even sold me my trombone, a rare

1950's Martin Committee lead trombone. I had intended on selling it

back to him, since it's not getting the use it should be. He had told

me that he wanted it back if I ever thought about selling it.

I had dreams that I would run into him. Every time I went home I would

worry about it. A lot of things have drastically changed about me that

many people in high school don't know about. Some of them probably wont

approve at all...but all the same, I still wanted to meet him again.

Now I wont get that opportunity. His memorial service is this weekend.

I'll be there. I never thought I'd cry, but I am.



So tonight I find myself kinda in a ho hum mood. I’ve avoided this ho hum mood for the past few days because I've had my head stuck in HTML, CSS, and PHP code. As you can see, I've been revamping the website to be I guess. When not doing that I've either been at work or watching Sailor Moon SuperS...cause I'm a dork like that. Right now most of my friends are gone. So it's been pretty lonely.

I can't help but think about Sabrina though. She's going through a lot right now, and I want to be there for her. Unfortunately I can't due to distance issues and lack of funding to get there. I miss her a lot because she's been spending a lot of time with her dad. I send her messages here and there to tell her I care about her and that I'm thinking of her and her family. It's really all I can do to help.

Yet, find myself feeling incredibly insecure because I haven't heard much of the ""I care about you""s back. Now…considering my past with dating, it's not too surprising that I'd feel that way. I generally get hurt. So...not getting that emotional reenforcement would cause insecurity. HOWEVER, I also feel incredibly selfish for feeling that way. I mean, her father is struggling with lung cancer. She has every right and need to spend time with him. selfish feelings have me also feeling guilty. I'm an ass for feeling this way...So, it's no surprise I have this ho hum mood. As she pointed out to me the other night...relationships are hard.

I care about her a lot and I want her to spend time with her father. So, I will just have to deal I guess. In the meantime...I guess more code and more Sailor Moon might help...I hope. Wish me luck.



My vagina is one year old officially today. I'm so excited. I bought chocolate for my friends in housing to celebrate. A friend gave me most of a piece of French Silk pie...soooo good. It's been a pretty good day thus far. Plus, the new design for the diaries is up. I hope you like it. I definitely do. It's not fully done yet. I'm going to be adding neat stuff like e-mail subscriptions to diaries, printable versions of posts, the ability to e-mail posts to friends, integration with the forum, who is online info, WYSIWYG text editors, and more. It's a work in progress.

So anyway, on to the life update. The past few weeks have been good for me. I'll start with the really influential stuff. The day after I got stood up for a date, I was on It's a fun website that is video game/film oriented. It has a small journal on it and I syndicated the info about getting stood up on it. I was getting these messages from this girl about film all of a sudden. Then, she started hitting on me. We got to talking and discovered we had a lot in common.

At the time, I was still pretty upset about being stood up. If you know me at all through my diary, you knwo that I am not big on internet long distance stuff. Nor do I have good history with them. Nor do I have much trust in the people I meet online. I find myself face to face with a girl that's extremely interested and I find myself interested back.

Her name is Sabrina. She's from Texas. That's pretty long distance for me. I will admit that I went into it fully expecting nothing to happen. I expected that we would talk and flirt for a couple days. I came out to her the second day about being trans. She didn't care at cool. I figured that'd be it...but it continued. We talked every night for the next two and a half weeks, and I mean we really talked. It was at least an hour each time.

Despite my trust issues and reservations about things like this, I found myself having real feelings for her. Since then, they've only grown. Lauren and Julie have noticed a distinct improvement in my attitude as well. I'm a lot less depressed and stand-off-ish. I'm happier and much more cheery. Julie even said she liked me like that. Grumpy Jess sucks. Its nice to feel this way too.

I'm incredibly insecure about the whole relationship though. Every night I think she's not going to come online to talk to me. And every night I'm happily surprised. I have friends that are worried that I'm going to get hurt again, and they have right to do so. They care about me, and that means a lot. But we're still going strong. I like that. Though, I haven't talked to her in a couple days. She found out her dad's cancer is relapsing. So she went home to be with him for a bit. I know I'll talk to her when she gets back. Wish me luck with this. I really need it.

Aside from that, I got to go home for my older sister's wedding shower. Honestly, I wasn't really looking forward to it that much. Yet, it turned out to be a lot of fun. When I heard my cousin Sherrie was going to be there, I was excited. We've e-mailed several times, but we haven't seen each other in ages. In fact, she had never seen me as Jessica in person prior to this weekend. She’s really awesomely cool though. We bonded during the party. I think we're going to be good friends from now least I hope. I know she's going to read this, so I also must say that she is beautiful. I've always thought that from when I was younger. I just wanted everyone to know that. :)

I also got to be the photographer at the shower. That was a blast. I took about 200 photos. I'll post some of them in the gallery soon. A few of my favorites are of little Kalina. She's my sister's soon-to-be step daughter. She's 2 years old and is probably the most adorable thing I've seen aside from kittens and puppies...hmmm or they could come in at a tie. I'm not sure. I'll post those pictures too. :)

The night before the shower I was visiting my best friend Seth. He's a gamer geek...which is cool in my book, and he runs a gaming store by my home town. Despite the fact that I never was a gamer, I still think gaming is cool and geeky at the same time. I stop in to say hi every time I can. The store now carries the new Star Wars Master Replica Force FX lightsabers. They're about $130. I got to play with the ones on display. Soooo much fun. I hit a nerd in the head. Hehehe :D.

Seth and I got to catch up on stuff. I got to hang out and bond with his future fiancee (they are so going to get married). And it was fun. I found out what their plans are for when they eventually do get married. I was going to be Seth's best man before the transition. Obviously things have changed. Turns out that Hannah, his future fiancee, would have loved to have her brother in the wedding too. So instead of the regular thing, I get to be the Best Maid and her brother will be the Man of Honor. :) So cool for me.

So that's my last few weeks that I can think of. I'll write an addition later if I need to. Enjoy the new site design and I'll write again soon. Bye.



So...before my life update which I will do later in after I sleep, I wanted to share an fun event that happened tonight. I got home from my parents house at about midnight. I brought everything up to my apartment and noticed about 5 big spiders in the hallway. Normally I can tolerate that. They live there...they eat and don't bother me. However, they get kinda big. These were a bit bigger than a quarter. So I decided....not cool.

I went inside and grabbed my broom. Low and behold there's one on my ceiling. So I killed it, and then killed the ones in my hallway. I feel kinda bad killing them, but I just don't like the possibility that they could get in my place like that one did.

I looked down the hall and noticed some strange motion on the balcony. I decided to check it out. I went and turned on the lights and walked out. Immediately I saw like...10 of the darned spiders all of which were rather large. I decided to do nothing about it then. Instead tomorrow I'm buying some Raid or something that will kill them. I'd rather keep them away.

Suddenly I see that strange motion again. Something was moving into the balcony from one of the archways. I ducked and a bat flew in and then back out after it realized I was there. It was about 4 feet away from me. I was so freaked because it was so unexpected. It didn't necessarily scare me that much...just freakishly cool.

I moved my car to the parking lot, which is behind my place. You can see the balcony from there. I watched the three or four bats looping around the balcony area, flying in and out of the balcony. I've suspected that bats live in the balcony for the entire time I've lived here. This is the first time I've seen them. I don't mind them at all. They control the insect population and havent caused any harm. Of course I did just kill several spiders that do the same thing, but those can get in my place and bit me easier than the bats could.

So yeah...that's my night. I'll check back in later today to give the full update complete with photos. :) See ya then.