The production department has been great recently. We've started the mini-series that I've been planning since Winter break. I'm so happy to see it get going. I directed the first episode. It took five hours to get the whole first episode shot. We learned a nice lesson in production scheduling and planning. I will be working with the new director for episode two to make sure the volunteer cast is not overworked.

The two females in the cast were upset that they aren't getting paid for this at all. They don't realize that I only get a 10 hour pay limit, and the mini-series is just one part of my job. I was pretty much volunteering the bulk of my time Saturday as well. I think they'll discover that it's worth it. We're going to start advertising the show this weekend. I think people will like it. I will perhaps put the five minute episode online, or at least link it here so it can be viewed. That should be neat.

Episode two is currently in pre-production, and episode one is in post-production. What's really got me happy is the fact that there are several people in the department that are so energetic and excited to be working on this series. My script people are so creative and have been e-mailing me with stuff a lot. People seem to want to volunteer to work the shoot even though it takes a long time. I think I started something with this that will hopefully last much longer than my tenure here.

This isn't helping my schedule this semester at all though. As much as I love the series, the student senate stuff, and my volunteer work, I am stretching myself way too thin. I'm hoping I just get into a rhythm of things in the next few weeks that allows me to get everything done. WHY AM I SO DARN ACTIVE AND RESPONSIBLE?? I sometimes wish I wasn't so I could feel ok about dropping something to make room for the rest.

Anyway, I got interviewed by the school paper again the other night. That'll be published on Thursday. I have the Student Leadership Awards tomorrow. My parents are coming up and will be sleeping over in my apartment. I'm kind of excited about that since they never get to see the impact I have here on campus. I'll let you know how that goes. I gotta get back to studying though. Stay tuned for more updates. Bye.



Today's update is about the whole New York Times thing. I'm sure after last week's little teaser, you're all interested in knowing what happened. goes.

A week ago Saturday I got an e-mail. The subject line was simply "ny times trying to reach jessica anderson". I didn't know what to make of it. So I read it. It was forwarded to me from the faculty advisor of the LGBT group on campus. At first I was skeptical of it's legitimacy (oooo, big words), but I realized the e-mail originally came from an e-mail address. That's pretty legit.

Needless to say I was pretty ecstatic. I called my dad who said "but it's not money". That bothered me, but didn't really surprise me. He's still trying to find a job. Money is an issue. After talking to him, I told several friends. There was a lot of "Holy $h%t"'s exchanged between all of us. I replied to the e-mail and said I'd be more than willing to help.

On Monday at about 4:50 pm I got a call. The interview lasted about thirty minutes over the phone. It seemed to go really well. At the end, the interviewer said "Thank you. I really feel like I understand this a lot better now." That made me happy. She informed me that the article would be out in the next week or so. She had one thing she was looking to get more information about. I called her back the next day with the information she was looking for.

So, right now, I'm just waiting for the article to be published. I've been watching every day. If you see it let me know. It should be about the Transgender movement towards gender neutral bathrooms. When it does come out, I'm buying out the nearest newsstand of their stock.

On a quick sidenote, the reason they contacted me was due to the speech I gave to the University system Board of Regents last semester. There were several articles published in the state papers about it which quoted me extensively. The Times saw those and that spurned them contacting me. So that's pretty cool. Another quick note, this past Friday the Board of Regents officially passed the resolution adding Gender Identity and Expression to the University Non-Discrimination clause. SUCCESS!!!

So that's the update for today. Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of: Jessica's Life!!!!



I apologize for not getting any updates to you all that check this regularly. School is really kicking my butt right now. I feel like I'm being suffocated by all the work I have. My schedule begins every day at 6:45 am and ends at about midnight. I have had major assignments due just about every day. I've never been this busy with school in my life. Even now, I have three big homeworks due tomorrow. I have my first exam on Tuesday. I have a quiz Wednesday. At some point in there I have to finish the shooting for the miniseries we started this weekend. Thursday night is the student leadership awards ceremony. My parents are coming up for it. Friday is my birthday. Chris has ordered me to take that night off and relax. He doesn't have to tell me twice. I'm going to.

Anyway, I am going to try to write an update each day that's regarding a different aspect of my life recently. There's been quite a bit going on. I'll do my best to keep my word on that. Keep watching for the New York Times article. It should be out any day now. Have a great day.



No, that's not bad grammar. I'm referring to the New York Times. I don't have much time right now to get into the details, but I was contacted and interviewed. There will be an article later this week. They may even send a photographer. Watch for it. I'll write more detail on Wednesday when I'm done with my quizes and assignments. See ya :)


Whenever I hear that line, I think of the worms from the worms video game series. Those of you that have played the game will understand. Anyway, sorry for the long hiatus. I had just about every project I could get thrown at me at work. I haven't had much energy to do much else afterwards. So here's the lowdown.

The subject line's phrase in this case is referring to the first spiritual night my friend Lisa, her roommate and I had. We'd been planning to do it for quite some time, and it finally happened. We talked about our spiritual experiences. I read a guided meditation I wrote for the night too. It was the first meditation I've ever written out. They really liked it. I was so happy to hear that. They also did a tarot reading for me. That was the first time anyone had ever done tarot with me before. I was too afraid to touch that sort of thing when I was younger. It was neat. It really seemed to give me a little hope too. All in all, the night was fantastic. We're all in agreement that it will happen again, and frequently.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been getting all the responsibilities at the help desk, but not much reward in return. They have me re-designing our display case, creating a order of operations check list for cleaning up PCs, working on a video prototype help page, I'm re-designing a pamphlet, and I'm also supposed to work on the help desk website. That's a lot to juggle. I got a 30 cent raise. Woohoo. I almost make $7 an hour now. Can we say "underpaid"? I really put too much effort into my job.

On top of that, I am supposed to be redoing all the software on the editor at the TV studio. I have several video projects to edit, including one for this site. I've also been asked to speak in several classes. I have a freelance web design job now. And school's just about to start. Who needs a winter break, you know? Apparently not me. My boss was also about to schedule me for next semester in places that I didn't want at all. Like, for instance all of Tuesday and Thursday nights. That would have meant no volunteer work and no LGBT group. Both of those I really care about, especially the volunteer work. Thankfully, things worked out and I got the hours I wanted. I'll have all the time I need to continue volunteering. That makes me very happy.

Speaking of the volunteer work, I had to do training yesterday for it. It was all of us facilitators and the group "person-in-charge". Sorry, didn't know what else to call him. I felt so....included. Seriously, all those times that I remembered feeling like I wasn't welcome among the facilitators were gone. I felt like I was part of the team. It was refreshing.

On the big job front, I have heard very little. I've been asking around a lot too. All I know is that they have decided to officially post it instead of hiring an interim person. I've been watching to see if it gets posted or not. To be honest though, I'm not sure I want the position. With each passing day I really start to think I may just want to finish out school and be done with it. I only have a few semesters left. Also, I've pretty much been told to apply for the station manager position by my current boss. I know I have lots of opportunities open to me even as a student right now. Maybe it's better this way. In fact, I'm going to make a poll on this subject. Feel free to add your opinions on it.

OK, this is long enough. I'm going to end it here. Talk to you all soon.