The production department has been great recently. We've started the mini-series that I've been planning since Winter break. I'm so happy to see it get going. I directed the first episode. It took five hours to get the whole first episode shot. We learned a nice lesson in production scheduling and planning. I will be working with the new director for episode two to make sure the volunteer cast is not overworked.

The two females in the cast were upset that they aren't getting paid for this at all. They don't realize that I only get a 10 hour pay limit, and the mini-series is just one part of my job. I was pretty much volunteering the bulk of my time Saturday as well. I think they'll discover that it's worth it. We're going to start advertising the show this weekend. I think people will like it. I will perhaps put the five minute episode online, or at least link it here so it can be viewed. That should be neat.

Episode two is currently in pre-production, and episode one is in post-production. What's really got me happy is the fact that there are several people in the department that are so energetic and excited to be working on this series. My script people are so creative and have been e-mailing me with stuff a lot. People seem to want to volunteer to work the shoot even though it takes a long time. I think I started something with this that will hopefully last much longer than my tenure here.

This isn't helping my schedule this semester at all though. As much as I love the series, the student senate stuff, and my volunteer work, I am stretching myself way too thin. I'm hoping I just get into a rhythm of things in the next few weeks that allows me to get everything done. WHY AM I SO DARN ACTIVE AND RESPONSIBLE?? I sometimes wish I wasn't so I could feel ok about dropping something to make room for the rest.

Anyway, I got interviewed by the school paper again the other night. That'll be published on Thursday. I have the Student Leadership Awards tomorrow. My parents are coming up and will be sleeping over in my apartment. I'm kind of excited about that since they never get to see the impact I have here on campus. I'll let you know how that goes. I gotta get back to studying though. Stay tuned for more updates. Bye.