Today I checked into the hospital. Things went pretty smoothly, except that I wasn't exactly sure how the order of events was supposed to go. Turns out it was simpler than I thought. I saw one doctor for the pre-op check. They did an EKG and went through the week on what would happen. After that, my blood tested for HIV and such, which of course was negative. There was no way I could have it. Then I got shown to my room for the next week.

Bowel prep started after I got into my room. I never want to have to do that ever again. I had to drink two disgusting liquids all night. They gave me this gallon of something called GoLYTLE. It was mixed with Crystal Light lemonade. Even with that, it tasted so horrible. Then, they added Magnesium sulfate, which I only had to drink three small doses of. The first one came about an inch away from making me throw up.

After that they gave me a pill for nausea. I was supposed to drink all of the crystal light junk, but only made it about half way through. I just couldn't drink it all. Besides, I was sore from going to the bathroom so much. I don't think I'll ever drink crystal light again. Just....too many bad memories. After that, the nurses had to make sure I was shaven. Then I was given a sleeping pill and some anti-biotics. I was thankful for that since I was so nervous. I never would have fallen asleep on my own. That was it for Day 1.