I had a revelation tonight! It has changed me.  It started earlier today.  I checked my mailbox and the priority mail envelope from the debt agency was there.  All the paperwork has been filled out and is back in the mail ready to be returned.  After that I decided to watch the Matrix.

No...I don't feel the world is a computer program.  Sometimes I feel as if it is holographic, but right now, I feel like it is what I make of it.  After the movie was over, I was thinking about how I am going to repay my debt because I made it happen.  I, of course, haven't repaid it yet, but I am on my way to making it happen.  I realized that I created that reality.  I am a powerful being.

I guess I am starting to see the power of the law of attraction.  We really do bring to ourselves what we visualize in our heads.  We are like gods, all of us.  We create our own world.  We can make anything happen.  It's not a matter of visualizing or wishing for it.  All we have to do is know it in our hearts, and its true.  With that knowledge, we can move mountains.  I have no doubt of that.

My optimism has returned.  My creative drive has returned.  And greatest of all, my motivation to make a difference is back.  It's time to get shit done.  2009 is a great year.  I just posted a new front page notice at translife.net about creating a brand new design for the backbone of the site.  I'm looking for volunteers.  So hopefully I'll get plenty of suggestions and offers for assistance.  It's high time I did something with the site.

It's time to make the gender revolution happen!