Today I was on Yahoo and saw a headline about checking your 2009 horoscope.  I'm not one of those people that lives by horoscopes and abides by their every word, but I am a big proponent of quantum mechanics and intention.  So, I sometimes look when I feel like I need a message of some sort. Anyway, here's what the horoscope said for my sign:

Aquarius Outlook for 2009


1/20 - 2/18

Year 2009 Overview

Aquarius is all about a new vision in 2009, and working to move our planet toward the highest and healthiest quality of life. You are highly energized with this wonderful alignment, and your inspiration is rekindled to move energy in grandiose ways. You are able to utilize these high frequencies in order to create new structure and value in people's lives.

This is no time to sit back and let anything slip through your fingers. Express yourself and move forward with your visionary ideas. As you forge ahead, you find a reworking of meaning on a deep level, and discover possibilities as you connect with your highest star.

Your ideas have always been ahead of the times, and now you are a shining example of what the Earth force can assimilate into everyday living. You realize that the world was created with structure, and outdated modes of living that no longer serve mankind are being recognized around the world. It's time to let go of anything that holds you back. New thinking is on the horizon, and people are ready to align with the quickly changing energies of the planets. Your leadership skills will help humanity make these shifts, and you will feel supported by those who understand the need to create peace and harmony.

Be inventive in channeling your dreams into reality. As you find a place to manifest this energy, it will become easy for you to usher in a better world. The time to realize your highest ideals is here!

Considering what's been going on in my head lately, I felt that this was an encouraging sign.  I guess that means I'll be pushing forward with my book. :)