I had a fight with my mother last night right before going to bed. It was a great way to sleep. My mother likes to nag, and she seems to think that she needs to set my priorities despite the fact that I am quite capable of setting them myself. It's really frustrating. On top of that, her reaction to "I got a job" was very negative. I was so angry. She hasn't been real nice to me lately.

My mother has been known to just jump to conclusions, and she also likes to put words in my mouth. So during the argument, she was doing the same. Talk about a pointless fight. She claimed that I wasn't listening, but I was. I'm very aware why she keeps nagging me, but I don't need her to nag me every day when I'm very aware of the issue. I have a video to get done for my extended family. For me, it hasn't been a priority. I've been working on other shit. I promised all the users of this website I'd have the new version a lot sooner than it happened. I've been job hunting. That stuff has been way more important than a video that I had no way of getting on my computer. I know they want the video, and it's on my list. I'll get it done soon. STOP NAGGING ME MOM!!! That's all I want.

Anyway, I need to get this HR paperwork filled out. So I better go. See ya!!