OK...if I was really speechless, this entry would be empty. The truth is though, that I had an amazing thing happen to me today. I got my first real job! My interview yesterday seemed as though there wasn't anything special about me. Yet today at 3:30, my phone rang. It was the job offer! Apparently both the HR person and the person I interviewed with yesterday really liked me! I was blown away. Totally and completely...

I was extended the offer, and I was freaking out. I very calmly asked if I could have an hour or two to think about it. Essentially I needed to calm down and think things through before I gave my answer. After a fit of me jumping around and yelling my celebrations, I called my dad and told him. He was really happy to hear it. I told him I was planning on accepting, and he said that he would too.

After that, I called back and accepted. I start on February 5th. My whole day was just incredible after that. For about an hour my whole body tingled. I'm still shocked really. I don't think it'll set in until my first day. I keep thinking...wow...I'm going to have my own health insurance. I'm going to have expendable income! I'm going to be able to pay off my credit card debt! I get to move out!! SWEET!! Haha.

Anyway, that's my incredible news of the day. Now...I'm off to try to sleep. Talk to you soon.