We'll start with the Quantum stuff. This past weekend my friend Chris invited me to a resort that his work was paying the bill for him to stay at. It was a large conference, and he could bring a friend for the Friday to Saturday part. So he invited me. It was really fun. I got to eat a really really expensive meal (over $100 per entree). I had the filet mignot, which was exquisite. While I was eating, I was pondering some quantum physics philisophical ideals. For example...the idea of entanglement. Entanglement means that things that seem separate area really connected in some way. Since everything was entangled at the moment of the big bang, everything is still connected. We are literally all one. So I took a cut a peice of my steak and as I went to eat it, I paused with a strange thought. If everything is literally one...am I eating myself right now?

Today I went to the DMV to get my car registration renewed. I had to change the address on it, so of course that requires a visit to my least favorite government department. I mean that. The IRS doesn't bother me so much, because I usually get my tax money back. Anyway, I was smart and brought a book to read while I waited in line. For once though...I only had to wait about five minutes. I'd have to say that was the most painless visit to the DMV ever...with one exception: they didn't renew my registration. I had to get emissions tested. Oh Joy of Joys...

So I drove all over town trying to find the emissions test station I know of. Eventually I found it and drove up. To my surprise, there wasn't much of a wait. I had two cars in front of me. I probably waited about 10 minutes before having my car tested. Again...shock. I thought this was going to be the most painful thing ever. My car tested fine, I paid my money, got my sticker and drove away. I'm not complaining at all.

My last little tidbit of news is fairly important. I had two interviews this week. On Monday I interviewed for the internship that I've been pushing to get for well over two months, and today I interviewed for a real job. I really nailed the Monday interview. I found out that of all the people, my reel is the most impressive. The guy that would hire me thinks I've got the most shining of skills too in that I start projects and actually finish them. Basically it almost sounded as if he wanted to just give me the internship right then. I wont know for a week. He told me that I will find out by the end of the month and would start the first week of February. Cross your fingers.

Today's interview was good, but not as good as Monday's. I don't think anything stands out as being bad in the interview today, but the problem is that nothing stands out at all. I don't think there's anything that made me seem particularly special, but we'll see. As with the previous, I'll know by the end of the month. So again...cross your fingers, but also wish me luck.

Well, I'm hungry, and Tracy and I will be meeting for dinner in the next hour or so. So I shall be off. Talk with ya'll later.