Yes indeed...I do exist. What a hectic time it's been. I've been spending most of my time reading and writing...hence me not writing on here much. Kinda get sick of it after awhile. The research paper I'm working on will probably be around 50 to 60 pages long. Right now it's about 40 or so. That's actually kind of funny, because when I initially started writing this post, I said it was going to be a 30 page paper. I've covered the first two important sections: the history of gender and the current practices and perspectives on gender within several fields of study such as sociology, feminism / women's studies, psychology, and so on. I've also deconstructed a few important concepts related to gender. Since then I've also tackled a bit of the final two sections, which details the new viewpoint, definition, and the birth of the next movement. So I've had a lot of stress lately. This research is essentially an incredible responsibility.

I'm excited about it though. This research is huge! I really think that after it gets published, it's going to make the media. This is going to be a big deal. A new movement of this size hasn't been started in a long time. Plus, this is so core to humanity, and definitely to trans people. I can't really post too much more about it, because I want it to be a big grand unveiling when it gets published. I'm going to put it on here in the transcyclopedia when it's ready. Don't worry, I'll announce it.

Throw onto that research the fact that I had to move back in with my parents and you get a TON of stress. Though the move wasn't horrible, it was still a big move. Packing everything up and then unpacking everything after I got home. Then I get to figure out how I'm going to handle being in the same house as my parents. Don't get me wrong, I love them and they love me. It's not an issue of fighting or anything. It's just that my freedom is much diminished from what it used to be. I'm not used to having a strict dinner time and such. Plus, my schedule is quite the opposite from my parents. I'm rather nocturnal. I stay up until 4:00 am and then sleep until noon. They don't like that so much. I'm adjusting though. job hunting. Not so much fun. I've been a bit concerned because I haven't had a whole lot of time to send resumes out. I have sent a couple, which is good. However, the response has been pretty nonexistent. I did my first follow up call, which went well. They remembered me very distinctly and thanked me for sending the very nice resume package. I had bought some really nice envelopes and folders to be all impressive. Yet they never called me for an interview. Their loss. I'm sending out at least 8 more resumes and such this week though.

Let's news. I've designed a new logo and installed the new framework, which I need to spend some time on. Here's what the new logo looks like:

The glow is only a temporary glow. I'm going to be animating it with particle effects and motion of all sorts. It'll be cool. I'll keep everyone posted on the changes to the site as they develop.

Right now I feel kind of stagnant. I have several projects that I haven't finished. I feel like I'm getting nowhere on them. I think it's because I'm trying to divide my attention between them all. Plus, I keep distracting myself with second life, which is highly addictive. I've been sleeping a lot too, which is kind of my escape from my responsibilities. My dreams don't have me doing major research and such. It's a nice relief, however it's not helping the situation.

On a happy note, things with long distance online relationship that I've bitched about a lot...have actually gotten a hundred times better. (Yes I believe this is the point in which the 2x4s will come out) Seriously though things have been fantastic. We're talking pretty much every night. There's a voiced committment, which is great. We're actually going to meet in person in about a month. I'm pretty nervous about that. It'll be interesting. So yeah, this is turning into not just an online relationship anymore. (Put the 2x4s away...geez) So far so good. Of course in any relationship there will be rough points, but if we got through the last stuff ok, I think we'll be able to get through the stuff ahead too.

I'm so close to finishing my latest series, I can taste it. I have one night of solid editing left. Then it's finally done. How cool is that? It's a lot of work though. I have to do a ton of special effects work as well as all the audio balancing, sudio effects, music, and yeah...lots. Perhaps I'll do it tonight after I finish my cover letters. Oh and by the way, I've discovered that the thing I hate most about applying for jobs...cover letters. I'd rather vomit on myself. Ah well...I better get to it. See ya soon.