So...summer has hit. I've been relaxing a lot this first week. A lot of money has been going out lately, which is bad. However, a lot of it has been practical. Like...needed new clothes, a new bookshelf to house my text books and recently acquired gender library, and the occassional bill too. Some of it has been on non-practical stuff too, like Samurai Jack season 2, a new copy of the Lord of the Rings, and an expasion to the card game Lunch Money. No worries though, it was expected and planned for. So, it's all good.

I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning. I've gone through a whooooole ton of old documents and junk that was cluttering up my apartment. I cleaned a lot of my apartment too. My mother would be proud because it's starting to look shiny...really. I even dusted. My desk is bare. I have to work on my bedroom still, but that's the next target. Really I think my place is looking rather nice.

Now that things are cleaner, and I have more time...I'm starting to think about improvements to be made on translife. I'm not just talking adding features...I actually want to replace the entire backbone of software. I've learned some ruby on rails and plan to spend some major time revamping. My goal is to design a new diary/blog system integrated fully with the forums combined with photo galleries and the wiki. Essentially people will have one screen name and password for the entire site. I want avatars, moods, "currently reading/watching/enjoying..." stuff...everything. So...comment and give me your suggestions and thoughts. I'll post an entry in the forums too. Anyway, I'm getting my car looked at in the morning. So I think I'm going to head to bed. I'll post more in the next few days. See ya later.