That's the phrase of the semester for me. It's really the only way I can get by. I'd also have to say "walking zombie" fits this semester pretty well. So far this week I've totalled about 7 hours of sleep. It's that isn't good. It being 3:30, one would think bed might be a good idea. Yet...I'm not in bed. Why? I have to dilate. Yes, the joy of dilating. If I skip, it heals shut, and that's a lot of money and pain down the shit hole. So, here I sit.

I got home about a half hour ago from the TV station. Kevin and I were working on episode 7. It's inches away from done. The scenes are cut, the sound is balanced, sound effects are in, split screen shots rendered, and credits about to be added. All we need is coherant music to mesh it together...yet we can't find working music. It's frustrating. The episode just goes all over the place right now. We tried for several hours and eventually had to give up and go home. It may be that we're over doing the music. A more minimalist approach to this episode may be the best.

Bailey commented on my last entry about how I must have several extra hours in the day. This is a prime example of how I get those extra hours...I simply don't sleep. Nor do I manage to do my homework. My grades are not nearly what they usually are. On Monday I got an exam back. I was proud of myself. I got an 85 percent on a really hard research exam. My prof said it was the hardest one and that she was proud of me. However, I have her for two classes. The exam in the second class happened a day later. I had spent all the freetime I had studying for exam 1. So...naturally exam 2 didn't go so well. I got a not so good grade. In fact, it was the lowest grade in the class, and any lower and I would have failed. She asked me what happened, and I told her the truth. I had to pick the battle that was more important. She understood.

Ultimately, I'm getting more experience doing this miniseries than I could ever get in class. The experience I'm getting is really amazing and enjoyable as well. I'm so proud of the show. My Women's Studies professor is a friend of mine, and when I was discussing this with her, she agreed with me entirely. She said "You'll get your grades back and feel that sting right away, but give it an hour or so, and you won't regret it at all." She said to me that my professors should understand that I'm making a conscious choice to do what is most important. That made me feel a lot better about the situation I'm in. So, I feel more motivated. However, with only about three more hours to go before I have to be up for class...I should probably get to dilation. Talk to you all soon.