No...I don't have aspirations to take over the country, nor do I want to be a rock opera band from the 70s. I'm running for

homecoming queen. I am so going to win too. I have a bitchin campaign

strategy. I'm not going to reveal my secret until late next week

though. Watch for pictures.

Aside from that, things have been pretty busy around here. Class and

work keep me very occupied. That would explain why I haven't written in

half a month. I even tried to write this earlier today, and I got four

long paragraphs into it. Then, the power flickered due to a lightning

storm, and I had to start over. So I decided to wait a little while

longer. Now you get the full entry instead of the two lines I had

written after the reboot..

I finally got my new computer. It's pretty sexy. Thank you financial

aid. I decided that I should get something that will last me a few

years. So, I now have something that doesn't reboot itself, overheat,

or freeze. The monitor doesn't flicker off. The sound card works. And I

have enough storage space to do video editing now. So, that means I can

finally edit the videos I wanted to do earlier this year. Watch for a

video on electrolysis, an interview with my parents, an interview with

me, a discussion with a nationally certified electrolysis practitioner

and educator, and others. I've been holding the footage for quite some


Some of you are probably wondering why I haven't posted the wedding

pictures yet. Yeah...during the computer upgrade, they accidentally got

deleted. My father is sending me a cd with all the pictures I took on

it. He said he went through and deleted the junk ones. I really hope he

didn't get rid of the ones I wanted to keep. That would really bother

me. I took about 200 pictures at the reception. I even got offered a

job by the photographer there. She really liked my eye apparently. She

offered it to me several times. I wish I wasn't still in school...I may

have taken that offer otherwise. The pictures turned out really cool

though. I'm really proud of them. Hopefully I'll get the disk soon and

you can all see some of them. I'm not going to post all of them, since

that's a lot of pictures and space. I'll just post some of my


Let's life...not much excitement really. I can tell I'm

itching to be done with school. I don't care much for being in school

right now. I still do what I have to and such. I'm going to my classes

and trying to keep up. I just don't really want to be doing the college

thing anymore. Thank god this is my last year. I don't think I could

take school for much longer. I will definitely take a break before even

thinking about grad school. I just want to have one job in which I work

that job 40 hours a week. Then...I may have other stuff...but I'm not

worried about homework or reading 50 textbook pages a night. It'd be

nice just to have less on my plate. Why do I have to get myself

involved so much?

On a happy "Jess is relaxing somewhat" note, I went to see Serenity on

Friday. I made sure to finish Firefly before seeing it. It was a blast.

I did a 7 hour marathon Friday and finished it at the movie. The series

rocked and it's sad that it only made 10 million dollars the first

weekend. People need to see this film. The show was charming and didn't

deserve to be cancelled. Stupid people at Fox....:( It'll be sad if

this film is the end of the show.

I also went shopping on Saturday. I can afford to buy myself some

clothing and such. So I did. Its starting to get cold out again. So I

needed something to keep me a bit warmer. I bought a couple wrap

sweaters. Those are both pretty and warm. I'm happy with that purchase.

I'm also happy with the purchase of my halloween costume. Just'll love it.

Chris is getting me addicted to Smallville. He's become addicted to

buying TV series on DVD. So, when he gets them, I end up watching them.

I don't nearly have as much time to watch them as he does, but I try.I

wanted to see Smallville before, but I never got the chance. I watched

the first episode, and it was pretty cool. So I'll probably be watching

a lot of that too.

Oh yeah, I bought a guitar. It's pretty. I don't know how to play it

yet, but I'm teaching myself. It's slow going, but I like it. When I

learn how to play decent, I'll record some of it for the site. :)

Anyway, I should get to bed. I need sleep to recover from my sinus

cold. See ya soon.