Well, during our conversation today, Jill said some wonderful things to me. She may not know how much of an effect what she said had on me though. I had some time to think about it and what she said, and I'm not feeling so self conscious anymore. I'm actually feeling wonderful. Tonight I got to hang out with Leslie too. We talked, and I figured something out. I started pulling away, trying to keep my distance from Jill because of all the crap I've gone through over the past two years. Particularly recently, I've been rejected so soon after getting to know someone. I was afraid that if I let myself get too attached to her, that I'd just get hurt again. This time however, that's not going to happen.

She has already told me that she's not going to just drop me. Even if nothing happens between us romantically, she'll be a friend no matter what. So my fears have been misplaced. I'm just going to let things happen and get to know this wonderful girl. I have no reason to be scared, self conscious or whatever. I'm just going to be me. With that said...I'm going to have a hard time being me if I don't sleep... So, good night.