I usually consider myself to be a responsible person. And normally, I'm right. However, when it comes to time management, I suck horribly. I got yelled at again today for my minute-late tardiness to work. I know this is the only job I've ever had that is that nitpicky about it, and that it's my boss Charles being anal retentive as usual. But, really...that's just me making excuses. This job does care, and I have to deal with that. My bad habits simply have to change. I feel horrible about it too. I know better. They shouldn't have to repremand me about it.

So, starting tonight I'm forcing myself into a better sleep schedule and habit. I'm going to do some research into good methods of adjusting that and start doing what I can. There's no reason for me not to be able to do this. Besides, I like sleep. If I get to bed earlier, I get more of it. That should make it an incentive. The other issue is that I've been thinking about it anyway. I've been staying after work to make up my own time. I punish myself I guess. I was watching the extra's on the Lord of the Rings DVDs and they were talking about how being on time is so important in that business. If that's the industry I want to be in, I'm going to have to change it. So that's what I'm going to do.

OK, on to the good news. I spent time updating the website this weekend. Most of it you aren't going to see, since it's behind the scenes server stuff. It's basically me setting up for the eventual new version. Also, today I learned some new stuff about flash and javascript and how they work for people who are visually challenged and using the internet. I designed my menu in flash, and now I need to basically redesign it in javascript. At least there are programs that will do it for me. I guess it solves the problem I was having with flash, so that's good.

Oh, If you look to the left, in the column at the top is a countdown timer to August 3rd. I'm so lame for putting that there according to one of my friends, but I don't care. It's the biggest and most important event in my life thus far. I'm putting a countdown timer on here. I had one on the homepage, but it broke some stuff. Besides, this way it's more personal anyway. Well, keep watching for my new revisions of my site. I have a long way to go yet, but eventually they should be up. I'll write more later. Bye.