Yesterday I was talking about transgender all day long. It began at 11:00 am in a women's studies class I was asked to visit. I spent an hour or so talking to the students in the class about being trans. It went well. I was happy with the reactions and the questions. I skipped my next class just so I could have a moment to eat something throughout the day. I wouldn't have otherwise.

During that hour off, I gave my therapist a call. Yesterday was the day my case got presented to the committee. I got approved for SRS. All I need to do is go in and sign a consent form as well as finish a bit of documentation. After that, I get my letters. I'm really excited. That's one of the last big hurdles to jump. Now I'm on the last leg of the journey.

After learning that, I went to my class, and then to work. Beyond that was the last meeting of the commission of student senate that I'm in. It was a good time. We had snacks and stuff. Then, it was time for an panel in a psychology class. So...more talking about being trans. I got some great questions too. It was very productive.

Then it was time for the LGBT meeting. As you can see, the day was indeed full. We had to run through everything really quick though. I had to be at a forum afterwards. We decided to postpone elections until next week. That helps with the stress of the day. One less thing to worry about. Other than that, we're all ready for the alternative prom tomorrow. That should be fun. Since Steph couldn't go as my date, and the President's date couldn't come either, Chris and I will be going as a "heterosexual" couple. The theme is fairy tales, so I guess it's possible something like that would happen.

Finally, after the meeting was the all residence hall forum on transgender. Of course, with the finale of Friends going on last night, there wasn't that huge of a turnout, but there were still more than we expected. It was a very personal, intimate forum. We all sat in couches and just discussed the issues. Rachael and I got a lot of great questions. I think it went very well. I also talked with a friend from my Japanese class afterwards. Her name is Marin, and she's cool. I think we're becoming closer friends. Around 11:00 pm I decided I was exhausted from the day and went home. I passed out fairly quickly. It was a good sleep.

Today has nothing too stressful. I have one class, some work for the TV station, and then a party for the helpdesk staff. It should be a fairly relaxing and enjoyable day. Then there's the prom tomorrow. I think that'll be pretty stressful. I'm going to take pictures. So watch for those in the next week. That's all for now. Bye.