In a complete switch from last week, I am just off in the clouds this week. It's all due to meeting a girl this weekend. Her name is Steph. I spent five hours talking to her on Saturday night into Sunday morning. Then we talked for another three hours monday night. We're just really clicking in. It's great. After I finished talking to her I was so giddy I couldn't get to sleep.

I figured this week would have been another stressful week, but since all the cool stuff happened with Steph, I'm not feeling the stress at all. I'm just going with the flow. Monday I spoke at a local high school to the GSA there. It was really great. They ate up everything I had to say. They're really cool kids too. I hope they come to the alternative prom this weekend.

Tomorrow is the biggest day out of this whole week. Tomorrow I get surgical approval. Not only that, I'm speaking in a women's studies class in the morning. Then, I have an SLD meeting at 5:00 pm after classes and work. After that is a panel for the LGBT. After that is the LGBT meeting including officer elections. And yet again after that is another speaking engagement. I have an all residence hall program then. It should be exciting, but a long long day.

I am really looking forward to friday. The next stressful thing after that is the upcoming slew of final exams. I'm not too worried about them though. My classes this semester aren't that difficult. The worst thing is, since they've been so easy, I haven't put much effort into them. So my grades should be higher than they are. I have a lot going on though, so I guess I have an excuse.

All the effort I've put into the LGBT, into this website, and into all the speaking gigs is a challenge sometimes. Today though, I looked at the guestbook. It has doubled in size since last week....not that it was big before. Anyway, all the messages left there were so great. It makes the effort worth it. I feel so proud to have such a good effect on people.

So with that, I better get back to my job. I always write these entries when I'm at work and I probably shouldn't. I'll write more about my giddiness soon.