School is finally over. I took my last exam on Friday and am happy to be done. No more straining my brain on classes I don't care all that much about. I have yet to see my grades. I should know them all by tomorrow though. It feels good to be done though. All I have to think about now is SRS. Only two months to go. Sometime this week I'm going to add a countdown until the day. It should be cool.

I saw Kill Bill Vol. 1 on Friday night with Chris. I can't believe how much blood was in that film. It was pretty funny to watch that. It was a cool film though. It is what Chris calls an anime film. It's definitely inspired by some sort of anime show. It has a plot similar to an anime series, only a little thin compared to that. I liked it though. It was a very good venting movie for after the end of the school year. I look forward to seeing Kill Bill Vol. 2.

Saturday I had a laser appointment and then I drove home to see my family. That night, we watched "Love Actually". That was a movie I had no interest in seeing, but I am so glad I saw it. It was a great film. There was a lot of sappy love stuff, but it was very funny overall. Besides, I like the sappy love stuff. I would recommend this film to anyone. It's great. OK, that's enough of Jessica the movie critic.

Sunday morning was my sister's graduation. She got her masters. So it was a big deal. We all had to get dressed up and stuff. Throughout the morning, I was just starting to feel the same thing I feel everytime I'm around my family;....depression. Again, it was mom and dad, older sister and fiance, little sister and future fiance....and then me. I'm always the only one that's single. They're all in major long term relationships. I just feel left out.

On top of that, there's the whole issue that they still think of me as male. I know simply because of pronoun usage and attitude towards me. It's obvious they think of me that way. They don't even need to tell me. I understand that it's difficult for them, but it doesn't help me any. On top of that, my sisters are still condescending. They just have this egotistical attitude about them. I don't enjoy it. For these reasons, I hate going home. It's never fun.

There was a very cool event that happened, and now I actually bring in the title of the entry. Last night there was a tornado warning in an adjecent county. The storm was moving fast and in our direction. It wasn't raining, so I went out to look at the clouds. It was a beautiful sight. My father and mother came out and joined me after a little bit. As we were watching, the funnel cloud came into view. It was in a meandering shape, but very much still up in the sky. It looked as if it had no intention of dropping. Up until this point, I had never seen a funnel cloud in person. We watched the cloud for about five minutes before it dissipated. Then it started hailing. After the hail stopped, we watched the clouds for a while longer before I finally decided to head back up to my apartment.

I have a recurring theme of tornadoes in my dreams, so I wasn't really scared to see the cloud. I know I would have been had it actually touched the ground. Tornadoes have always fascinated me. I'd love to go storm chasing sometime. Maybe someday I will, just for the fun of it. While we were watching it, I was telling my parents why they happen and what they are. I took a weather and climate class three years ago. It's a class that stuck with me because it was so interesting. The choas of weather is just so fascinating to me. So yeah, that's my story. Well, back to work.