For once I don't feel like a failure as a leader. Last night's dance went very well. People in the organization were saying it was the best Alternative Prom we've ever had. I feel so proud. There were a lot of kids there from the local high schools. Everyone stayed until 11:00 even. What really impressed me is the amount of people from the organization that came to help. Everyone came to help. It never would have happened like it did without them.

There was only one person I wasn't happy with....Paula. She is a trans person that hasn't decided whether she wants to transition...or something. We're all not really sure what her plans are. Most of us don't think of her as male or female, just as Paula. I'm not even sure if female pronouns should be used or not. She's not the type of person to really ask either. She is just a bitch...overall. She was drunk, for one...which really didn't go over well with me. We're around kids. She was being rude, insensitive, and downright innappropriate. She literally grabbed Leslie's chest. She told Leslie's girl that Les has slept with everyone in the organization. Leslie was hurt. Then later she claimed she didn't.She told me that the one thing I don't get about being a woman is that women smile. She doesn't realize that when she's around I don't smile. If she could see me any other time, I smile a lot. When she said that, I went off on her and yelled at her for her behavior. She blew me off.

We almost kicked her out for her antics. She's running for a position in the LGBT and I'm strongly considering rescinding that nomination. We can't have someone who's going to be rude and such, which she very much so is even when she's not drunk, representing our organization. I'm going to discuss it with the other exec staff members first. We'll see how this unfolds. Aside from that, the dance went perfect. I even got hit on by a 16 year old. She went as far as kissing my hand. It was so cute. She probably had no clue I'm 7 years older than her.

Leslie and I are probably on better terms than we ever have been. When I yelled at Paula, I specifically stood up for Leslie. She really appreciated that. Paula went looking for Les, and I sent her off in the wrong direction at one point. Also, I made sure Leslie introduced me to her girlfriend. I think that was the most important part of it. She thanked me repeatedly. I was just happy that I could make her feel better and that the fighting stopped. I think our friendship is fully healed now. That makes me very happy.

I took a lot of pictures and sometime soon I will post them. I have a lot of work to do yet in the coming two weeks. Once finals are over with, I'm going to do an overhaul on the site. Wait and see what's in store for it. Alright, I am off. Have a great Mother's day.