I learned something new about myself this week. When my stress level gets really high, I get emotional and irrational. That would explain the comments I was making about my friend Emily. I normally don't say stuff like that. Not only did I get irrational and emotional, it lasted for about half of a week. I finally kicked that mood last night. Emily and I talked and I apologized. We're all good now.

As a friend, I get concerned when a friend gets depressed for any length of time. If they don't seek out some way of helping themself, I try to help. Emily has been depressed as of recently and hasn't been really looking for help at all. At least, that's what I saw. I wanted to help her, but I was too emotional to. I just went off on a rant that was, honestly, something I've suspected, but I have no right to judge. It's interesting since I read in a recent Scientific American that anger promotes prejudice. I guess that applies to all of us.

So yeah, if anyone read that big long rant and thought "What's wrong with Jessica?", that's what was wrong. I had so much stress, I could physically feel it. There was a pulsing heat/pain in my left shoulder that lasted for 3 days. It was making me start to worry that something was wrong. This morning however, it was gone. My stress for the week is gone. So, that's a good sign. I'm back to my normal self now.

I got my butt lasered yesterday. It wasn't too bad. I didn't take any pain meds and it was very comfortable. Apparently the rear end doesn't have a whole lot of nerve endings for pain. Or maybe the hair wasn't all that thick. It feels rather strange now, not that most of you want to know that. But it's a good strange. Now, there's only my stomach left that isn't taken care of, and it's not so bad. I can wait on that.

I made my surgical consultation appointment for SRS. I'm excited. I get to go see Dr. Schrang in about two weeks. I think I'll bring a video camera. I hope he's ok with that. I'll have to call about it to see. What a great opportunity to get going on my documentary I've wanted to do. Actually, tonight I'm bringing a camera to my electrolysis appointment. So I'll be underway on it soon.

Well, it's time for me to get off the laptop checkout station and on to the phones. So I will write again later. Bye.