Ouch!!! I thought since it wasn't my face, it wouldn't hurt as much, but I was way wrong. That hurt a LOT...possibly more than my face did. The tylenol did absolutely nothing. I should have requested pain medication. Next time I definitely will. The nice thing is, they charged me $125 less than they said they were going to. That made it worth the holding my breath, gritting my teeth, squeezing my eyes shut, and gripping the stress balls with all my might worth it. And hey, since my chest hurt so much, I couldn't feel the achiness in my leg from the shot this morning at all.

On other happy news, I got a call from my boss. He decided to accept my application. So, it looks like I'll be interviewing on Monday for the job. That makes me happy. My two exams went pretty well also. So I have reason to be smiling I guess. Now let's hope that the LGBT meeting tonight goes well too. Speaking of which, I better get to that. See ya later.