I actually managed to inject myself. I didn't think I would be able to do it. It took about fifteen minutes to build up the courage. I iced my leg to numb it. It, again, wasn't so bad. I was shaking since I was so nervous about it, and that didn't help. My calf muscles were twitching while I was trying to push the estrogen in. I hope next time is easier. Now that that's over, all I have left are two exams, a laser appointment, an LGBT meeting to run, an online quiz to take, and an article to read and write a short paper on. Guess I should get started.

One quick thing though. Boo on CNN and anchor Tucker Carlson for their statements on air regarding trans-veterans yesterday. Here is the actual transcript of the show:

CARLSON: "Well, if there is one incontestable fact of human existence, it is that men look utterly ridiculous in women's underwear. Everyone knows this. But if you're a Democrat running for president, you're not allowed to say it. Men who wear women's underwear are one of your most reliable constituencies.

They're known as the transgender community. And you're required to take them very, very seriously. Anything less than that is bigotry. At a campaign event the other day, John Kerry took a question from the Transgender American Veterans Association, a group that lobbies the V.A. to spend tax dollars on voluntary castration -- sorry, sex reassignment -- for service members.

Would your administration support the transgender community?" he or possibly she asked Kerry? "Absolutely," Kerry seemed the say, promising to -- quote -- "fight for men who wear women's clothes if elected president." Come on, John Kerry, why can't anyone just tell the truth? You've got an Adam's apple, you shouldn't be wearing a

dress. If you do, fine, but don't expect the rest of us not to laugh. Please. Come on."

What a ridiculous thing to say on air. I'm shocked that CNN would even allow this sort of statement. I would hope there will be a formal apology. However, if there isn't, CNN can expect a barrage of unwanted e-mail. Way to be an ignorant fool Tucker.