I am so mad right now. I haven't been this angry in a long time. The hour long program "Livin on the Edge" is airing as I write this. It had the potential to be really great. But...no, it's not. Due to our piece of shit editor, all of the work that three of my staff members did was thrown out the window. There were biography sections on each of the three main presidential candidates. They consisted of an audio biography with images on screen. Yeah...so none of the images were outputted to the final tape. So, we're watching the show, and the bios came up, and I dropped my jaw. Fifteen minutes of blank screen with audio. I couldn't believe that happened. That's the most embarassing and humiliating thing that could have happened. I don't get it...there's no reason for it to have done that. It's never done that before, but of course for this project it did. Anyway, I should go and make sure that nothing worse happens...like say...the tape getting eaten midway through. That would really suck. See ya later.


Pissy Jess