I have had a fun week so far. Yesterday I got to lecture in my gender studies class. I'm a little rusty since I haven't spoken on the topic since Spring semester, but with that in mind, it went extremely well. I had a lot of fun. Since we have already learned about the differences between sex, gender, gender identity...etc, I decided to just jump right into my experiences and stuff. I got them to laugh as much as I could, and they all seemed really interested. I love being able to share what I can to help others learn. Today I get to do it again in my friend Chris' sociology class. That should be fun too.

I have great news. Last night I came home and opened my freezer to discover FROZEN freezie pops. Yes, that's right...frozen. None of those well refridgerated freezie pops I had before. It was a nice treat last night. So that means that my fridge was replaced. The one I had apparently was dead. The "new" one does a great job. I say new in quotes because it's definitely not new...just new to me. The best part is that it's quiet. My last one was incredibly loud. It's oddly quiet in my place now. No complaints though.

I'm tired today, but not nearly as tired as I was last Thursday. I tried to do my speech and exam, but it didn't really happen. I got the speech done, but the exam I just couldn't focus on. I was so exhausted and ended up crashing at 4:00 in the morning. Thankfully my professor was awesome and allowed me to turn it in on Monday. Sunday I was well rested and sat down to finish the exam. I was amazed at how much easier it was to do. I actually had fun with it and learned a lot. Because of that, I've been making more of an effort this week to get enough sleep. It's mostly been working, which is good since I have two exams tomorrow.

The worst part of this week....I have -$35 in my bank account right now. I guess I'm just sick of asking my parents for money. Even though I did get help from them, I didn't ask for as much as I should have. I just feel guilty. Plus, I can't always expect that someone will be there to bail me out. I spent a little too much on food in the past few weeks, and I should have eaten at home more. It's my own fault, so I have to suffer the consequences. Oh well. I'll be fine once Friday gets here. I get paid. It's also more than I expected to get paid by about $75. That's nice because I have a lot more breathing room each month. This should be the only time I have this money problem. Note that I say 'should'. We'll see what happens.

Well, my shift is over, and I have to get to class. I will write more soon, hopefully. Bye.