This weekend has been boring. I haven't had much of anything to do. The only time I left my apartment was to go to the grocery store. I'm not the person people think of right away when they want to go with a friend to a party. In fact, I don't even think I'm on that list of people to consider. So with that, my phone hasn't made a sound since Thursday night, except for the one time my dad called me. What a thrill. I spent a lot of time chatting and then watched some Kenshin. How fulfilling.

Yes, internet, I have it now. Thanks to the student deals on campus, I was able to re-sign up and get same day installation. So here I am. No more cable and internet woes. Just boredom. But at least I have something. OK, enough with the self-depreciating talk. On with the news of the first week of school...

So, classes are great. Japanese is particularly cool. I've already gone through about 100 notecards so far. I'm sure I'll need quite a few this semester. Theory is the same as it was last year, but that's ok. I still like it. Plus there's a cute girl I sit next to. I'll get to her in a bit. I went in to check at the Computer services place I applied at last spring for a job. They asked me for an interview right away. I happily went in for that. They suggested I also turn in a resume since some of the positions require one. I've been thinking about making a resume since last year, so I started working on it. It's almost done too. It's definitely a pain in the ass to make one though. I'll be glad when it's done.

Well, so this cute girl. On the first day of class she sat two seats in front of me. She leaned past the girl inbetween us and made an obvious effort to say hi and talk to me. I thought nothing of it other than she's new to the class and is trying to make friends. The next day she sat next to me. We talked a little before class, but after class we walked through the building together talking the whole way. This is when I started thinking about her being a nice girl and attractive. Didn't think much else though aside from maybe a little bit of daydreaming. The next day was more interesting. She sat next to me again. This time, we didn't really talk much in class at all. At the end of class I wanted to see what my friends were doing, so I was going to head off with them. The cute girl and I said bye and she left. I followed my friends only to find that they were preoccupied with audition results and had no idea if I was there or not. So I decided to not be there. I walked through the building to my normal exit, and who was just about to leave...but the cute girl. We walked and talked as we headed out the door towards the parking lot which was on my way home. She was parked there. So, during our walk, we discovered we both like Japan. It was cool. When we got to the lot we sort of parted ways and said our "Have a nice weekend"s. But it turns out we were still heading the same way. She called out offering me a ride to my place. So I took her up. As we walked to her car, we discovered we have even yet more in common...we drive the same car.

During our walk and our ride, I learned that this was her first week at this school altogether. She was a transfer student from a different college. She hadn't really made any friends yet. So we kind of share a bond in that respect except for I transferred here a year and a half ago. But either way, we have a lot in common. Now I'm extremely interested, and am curious to know if she is too. Somehow I doubt she has any interest. She's probably straight. That's how it usually goes for me. Something hit me later though, when I was thinking about it afterwards. She may not know I'm trans. That makes things interesting. I'm going to have to find out in a round about way pretty soon. I don't want to make a fool out of myself. Though, it's likely to happen. I'm good at that sort of thing. I'll keep everyone posted. In the meantime, it's 2:30 in the morning. I'm going to bed. G'night.