Well, for the most part, the good Karma has stuck with me. I got a raise yesterday. I went shopping the day before and had fun. Got some cool new clothes. Saw the Matrix Reloaded for the second time. And...since I've been so busy, I haven't had to see much of my sisters. That makes it all the better. Today I also got offered a position in the shoes department. I don't know if I want to take it yet. It's probably less flexible than my current area. I'll give it a little time yet.

I've definitely made several new friends. Some at work and some not, but all of them are good. The friends I've made at work are so wonderful to have. They help the day go faster and put a smile on my face at the same time. There's this one girl, who happens to be tall like me, that has become one of my better friends. We make faces at each other, poke each other, and pick on people...all in good fun too. Some of my coworkers creep me out.....well ok, just one or two, and both are boys. But still, I try to avoid them. All in all, it seems people like me at work. Chalk one up for the transgender team.

Digressing back to my sisters. I've pretty much concluded that if those two weren't here, my summer wouldn't be bad at all. They really seem to be the negativity in my life right now. So far, I get used for my opinion on clothing, fixing computer problems, and a nice target for blaming things on. My little sister makes a point to immediately turn the attention to me if she gets blamed for something. My older sister really tries hard to call me what I want to be called, and I appreciate that. But it seems she knows nothing about sympathy or empathy. She doesn't understand that I need a hug from time to time, nor does she seem to show interest. She usually just demeans me when I'm depressed and then insults my intelligence by telling me I should have expected people to treat me certain ways. She also has a huge issue with pointing out people's flaws. It's really friggin annoying. So yeah, I love them and all, but I'd rather they werent living at home this summer.

That's really my main complaint right now. Aside from that, things aren't too bad. Let's hope things get better. Time for bed. Another full day of work tomorrow.