If anyone knows about my job, they may think that the subject of this entry reflects the all-nighter we had this weekend, but no, it doesn't. Last night I decided to hell with it. I need to force myself into a good schedule. So, with the help of some friends, I did. I stayed up all night. I'm feeling it right now. In 45 minutes I'm going to get some coffee and some breakfast. I don't need the breakfast nearly as much as the coffee. It's going to be a long 12 hours. I wont get home tonight until around 7:45 pm. It's 7:20 am right now. Yeah...not too happy with myself right now.

One thing I'm particularly not proud of is that when it was time to take my friends back to their dorm, one of them was asleep on my futon. We woke her up and she just rolled over and fell asleep again. I made a joke beforehand that we could always try the shaving cream and feather trick, but I was only joking. Well, the other person thought it was funny and wanted to do it. I, being tired and stupid, thought it would be funny. If I had been awake I may have given thought to the consequences of my actions. Yeah, that didn't happen. So the plan went off without a hitch and she woke up. Yeah, she wasn't too happy about that either. She didn't say anything the whole way home, and slammed the door. I am going to apologize profusely when I talk to her next. I feel like a huge jerk...probably because I am.

Well, I'm going to focus on staying awake for a while. Write soon.