School is finally over. I took my last final exam yesterday. It went well. My final grades are almost all posted too. I didn't do as badly this semester as I thought I would. That's definitely a good thing. I'm very glad to be done with this semester too. It was probably my worst semester ever. Not so much with my grades, but with me enjoying school. I can't wait to finally get into some classes I like.

Now that school is over, I'm back at home with my parents. So far things haven't been too bad. I had a heart to heart talk with my mother last night. I think we are going to be ok over these next few weeks. Since Thanksgiving my parents have really become supportive. That has made my last month at school that much better. I think it actually helped me push forward enough to do well on my finals. Otherwise, I may not have had the mental drive to do it.

On Monday I was Christmas shopping in Best Buy. I used my credit card and handed to to the cashier lady. She looked at the card and said to me "This isn't your card." She read my male name on the card and since I look like a female, she questioned it. So, I said to her "It may not look like it, but it is my card," and then showed her my drivers license. She was surprised and finally responded "Oh.....ok." That was a first for me. I told her that had never happened to me before. She apologized, and I told her that it was ok and actually very cool. So, that was my fun experience.

After that, I went to the theater I work at and told the people there about the incident. They said to me "Wow, she thought you were a girl. That's amazing. I've never thought of you as a girl." Another person said, "Yeah, you're a really pretty guy, but definitely not a girl." So, of course, I was really upset by that. It totally ruined it for me. I was thinking "Gee....thanks." At the same time though, give them a few months, and they wont have any trouble thinking of me as a girl. I really really need to start my laser hair reduction. That'll help greatly.

Things are finally starting to happen now. Thursday of this week I went in for an appointment with my therapist and then the endocrinologist. It was the first time I saw her. We went over the basics of hormones, which I knew already. It's good to know I have my expectations for hormones in the right places. I now have a doctors order to get some tests done over break. Unfortunately, my family has a strong history of Polycystic Kidney Disease. That may affect the ability of my body to take hormones. It's uncertain right now whether it will or not. I am going to get tested for it this month. I also have to get my blood tested. After those results are in, I'll find out if the doc will approve me. I'm so excited for that, yet so afraid that this disease will prevent me from taking hormones at all. I don't know how well I would take that. Thankfully, there are other options. When the doc told me that, it really lightened my spirits.

I'm so excited now, because tonight is Lord of the Rings night. I'm meeting my best friend and we are going to see the movie on what's known as "the Ultrascreen." By name, you could figure out that it's a huge screen. The theater has THX sound too. So, it'll be a great time. I asked my friend if he was going to be ok with how I look, as he hasn't seen me for a few months. He was like "Of cour........wait a minute." It was great. You could hear the thought process going in his head. He's a little worried about people thinking we're some gay couple. But I say screw what they think. It'll be fine. It'll be his first experience getting looked at like I get looked at all the time. So, I think it'll be a good thing for him overall anyway.

Well, that's my novel for the week. I probably wont get the chance to write before Christmas. So, just in case, Have a great Christmas and Happy Holidays.