I can't tell you how much I hate this part of the semester. Everything comes due, and in the music department, it's time to play prepared music for your professor. On Wednesday I have my piano final, and I think I'm going to throw a "No More Piano Class" party that night. I can't stand that class. This semester just sucks, and I'm finding out that it seems to be a bad semester for everyone. Only a few more days and I'm done. It's funny. It reminds me of when I was little and Christmas seemed like it took forever to come. Now, it's the last day of finals that takes forever. Christmas is the added bonus at the end.

Well, Thanksgiving went a lot better than I had expected. My parents have really started to accept me. They were not an issue at all. My relatives came over, and then the fun began. My family is usually one to not say anything and just act as if everything is normal. Then, after the holiday, the rumors and insults start flying. That's pretty much how it went. They tried to ignore the fact that I looked like a girl. My predictions about how they would react came pretty darn close. Two of my uncles came. One is younger, and he reacted very accepting and seemed very sincere. Both my sister and I expected that. My other uncle is the Pentecostal one. He gave me a look when he first saw me that was a combination of "What the?" and "Oh no...not in our family" and "I'm going to have to save him from the fires of hell." It was brief, but I could see it in his eyes. My grandma I think was just shocked and didn't know how to respond...so she didn't. She's not one of the most accepting people though, so I don't expect she's too happy about it.

Aside from the uncomfortable feeling in the air, we had a great dinner. Both my sisters expressed their jealousy to me. I guess I look better in jeans than they do. Hehe...too bad for them. My older sister and I have really started to bond more too. We were never this close in our younger years, and I personally like it. I hope she does too. My little sister on the other hand....she's going through a stage it seems. She's a senior in high school and has an attitude with everyone. I just try to stay out of her way. Over the rest of the weekend, I managed to work 27.5 hours in two days at my job back home. That should help out with paying rent and bills. I drove back to school that Sunday night with a friend and we had a great time.

Little did I know that due to a miscommunication at Hot Topic, I was supposed to work that very Sunday. I of course missed my shift. When I called Monday night to get my schedule, they told me that they had to let me go. I was so confused and upset. I've never lost a job before, especially from missing a shift. I'm more responsible than that. After that call, I called the movie theater to check my schedule there only to find out I was missing a shift that night. There was no way for me to go in and work either. I had my final band concert that night. Thankfully they are very understanding there. Everything worked out. However, I was still upset by it. On top of that, in looking through my closet, I didn't have anything that was feminine and appropriate to wear to the concert. So I had to wear my old guy's dress clothes. I was so mad. I had skirts and things, but I've been trying to ease the school into me, so to speak. They aren't ready for me to wear a skirt yet. Give me a few months yet and then I will. So, with all that, my personal performance in the concert wasn't so great. I was way too distracted with my emotions. It was a hugely disappointing night.

The rest of the week went a lot better. Thursday I got paid and decided to go shopping to make up for the crappy Monday. I found the coolest top ever at JCPenney. It's red with flared sleeves. The sleeves and the bottom of the shirt have bright glitter flames on them. I had to have it. In fact, I wore it today and it was so much fun. I was shedding glitter everywhere though. Digressing back to Thursday, I also went and got some new earrings at Claire's. In a few more days it'll be the full six weeks since I got my ears pieced and I will be able to put new earrings in. So, I was having a good time that night. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I worked. I'm actually starting to enjoy that place. Movie theaters are great places to work. Everyone that works there is wonderful. We're all friends.

Today I had a piano test, which I'm glad is over. It was actually a very relaxing day after the piano thing was done. I fell asleep in a chair in the union. One of my friends found me and woke me up. We talked for a while and caught up. Some of my friends I so rarely get to see despite only living a half mile apart from each other. I also made a new friend later on at the LGBT meeting. The Co-President of the group is a really cool girl. We ended up talking for about an hour and a half. I love making new friends.

Well....as usual, I say I'm going to write a shorter entry, and it's just as long as the last one. This time I wont even say it. Until Next time...Good Night.