Sunday was a lazy lazy day, and I enjoyed it.  I didn't get out of my pajamas until 7:00 in the evening.  Chris and I spent the day playing Boom Blox: Bash Party, which was recently released.  I can sadly admit, I played it for a good five hours.  It's a puzzle game that you can easily lose track of time playing.

Chris is sick.  He was starting to feel it yesterday, and it seemed to hit hard today.  So, he was napping a lot.  I did most of the party cleanup because of that.  I'm totally ok with that.  He said he felt guilty for not helping, but I know that if it was me that was sick, he would have cleaned things up too.  So he shouldn't feel bad.  There were a ton of dishes.  I miss my dishwasher.

When I finally put down boom blox, we popped in Frost / Nixon.  I listened to the first portion of it while I did the dishes.  Once they were done, I sat down and took in the end.  What an incredible film.  Frank Langella deserved the Oscar nomination he got for the film.  I haven't seen Milk yet.  So I can't exactly compare performances, but this was definitely impressive.

Our refrigerator has been smelling something fierce.  It reeks badly of wet dog...or should I did.  I've seemingly fixed it without trying.  Apparently the fridge had a water line attached prior to being used in our house.  It has an automatic ice maker in the freezer.  I switched it on to see what would happen, and it would appear the stagnant water that was left in the line got pumped through.  Now the smell is gone.  Chris and I are thrilled!  It was getting unbearable.

Tonight, Chris and I sat in the living room after our day of relaxation and just talked.  It felt different and wonderful that we were both in the living room of our house...something we've never had before.  It feels like this is the way things are supposed to be.  Yet its still surreal.  I live in a house with my best friend.  We have a yard.  We have a garage.  We have a garden.  This is strange! Haha.  I like it a lot.

The future is looking up.