Oh Igor...how I love thee...only for thine music though.  I find the Firebird suite to be so perfect for what I'm going through right now.  I went through the whole beginning part.  Now I'm going through the middle part of the song in which the firebird rises up to destroy everything.  The rebirth of the beauty part will happen in a few months.

So with that, I think I have a plan. We're going to go with a modified plan everything. Here's the plan:

Bankruptcy ?

Get a job in the web development field

Set monthly goals for the next year for projects to get done

Write a book over the next year

re-invent jessicajaniuk.com as a professional speaking site

devote my income to paying off what debt I have left

Do some freelance video / keep video as a hobby

After book, produce film

Tomorrow I'll start writing the chapter headings. Then I'm going to break down the chapters into the content I want to discuss in each. We'll go from there. I'm going to attempt to read as much as I can for research purposes. I've done a lot of reading already, but I think I'm going to re-read for note taking purposes. I also need to re-read what I wrote for my research grant too.

Anyway...share your thoughts.