I have been giving thought to the various roads that lie ahead of me and thought I'd take some time to write them down.

Path 1:

Bankruptcy - Chapter 7

Grad School for gender studies / communication

Find a college that's looking for a teacher

Continue video and web as hobbies

Maybe do some freelance editing during my off months

Path 2:

Move home

Pay off debt in 2 years

Freelance video / web

Try to tolerate keeping my current job

Path 3:

Find a new job within the next six months in Web development

move to whichever location I get a job at and live in a small apartment

devote all energies to debt repayment

Freelance video work

web as a hobby

Path 4:

Find a roommate

Gather a team of volunteers

Revamp TransLife.net

Build up a professional speaking website / portfolio

Start a charity with grant money

Write a book

Get funding for the film and produce it

Keep video and web as a hobby

Path 5:

Move home

Buy a camera with grant money for business

write a treatment for the film

produce film

Path 6:

Search around at every network television studio and get a job there

move to that location

devote all money to debt repayment or file for bk

ascent the ranks of the studio until I can fund my own startup

Path 7:

File for Chapter 7

Sell car

break contract for cell phone

Travel the world by hitchhiking

Learn the ways of the Ninja

Return to my home country

Fight Crime as a costumed hero

Do battle with a mad scientist

Retire at age 50 and write a memoir

Path 8:

File for Chap 7

Grad school for chemistry / physics

Go mad

Design a doomsday machine out of a microwave, tin foil and a banana peel

Battle with myself as a hero from an alternate dimension

Die in the battle laughing maniacally as my plan fails but I infect my alter ego with an incurable virus for extreme flatulence

Path 9:


Path 10:

a mix and match of any of the previous 9 paths

Share your thoughts! Create a path for me that you think would be something I would enjoy and would be fulfilling. Yes I know you're not me, but try anyway. I'd love to see what you come up with.