Those are the lyrics that have been going through my head today. Learn to be Lonely from the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack.  I've had more than that going on too, but that's the prominent one.  The song is sad and the lyrics are so fitting to how I have felt.

Anyway, I wanted to write a list of my flaws.  These are all things I want to work on. So, here goes:

  • Talk about myself too much
  • statements of ego
  • Stifle others opinions
  • irresponsible with money
  • procrastination
  • insecurity

This is by no means a complete list.  It'll probably never be complete.  I will periodically return and add things to it.  For now, this is where I will leave it. If you can think of something, feel free to comment it in, and I'll add it. Until tomorrow.