I got the phone call today about my car.  They've lubricated the ignition lock and it's working again...who knows for how long.  I also found out the right tie rod is worn as are the sway bars.  The tires I bought last year are faulty too! Great! I'm thrilled.  Furthermore, the bill for today comes to $225 plus tax.  I looked at my bank accounts and discovered that If I clear out my savings, I'm about a dollar short.  I have some money in my business account, but I can't transfer it out.  So...yeah...I'm fucked.

I called my mother and she just chastised me for moving and getting into my debt predicament.  She's never really understood that kicking someone while they are down is not very helpful.  It makes no sense to pick at decisions that were made already.  What matters is the solution.  Why does she feel the need to be mean about it? Ugh..what a day.