First...I have to comment on how my apartment needs some weather stripping.  My office has a large air leak via the window, and it's cold on the backs of my legs.  That will quickly be taken care of tomorrow. :)

Saturday was my first visit to an SCA event.  SCA stands for the Society of Creative Anachronisms.  You can learn more about them at Anyway, they are a group that exists in a pre-17th century Europe.  I was invited by a friend from college. In fact, Sarah is a former boss of mine back when I worked at the help desk.  It was fun, and I'd say it was definitely interesting.  There were quite a few people there, and that impressed me.  Everyone was in period attire.  There were fencing tournaments going on all day both in heavy weaponry with swords, sheilds, and armor, as well as rapier.  I took somewhere's around 150 photos while there.

The food was ok.  The company was nice.  Overall it was a new experience that I might go back to.  As of right now, I don't know where someone like me fits into a society like that, but maybe that's not really a problem. I would say it served as a nice distraction from what I've been thinking about all the rest of my

I'm considering bankruptcy.  I didn't want to do this, but the more I look into it, it just looks like the best path for me.  I'm starting to lose sleep over money issues.  I'm having stress dreams almost every night.  I am to the point in which I have to choose between food and paying my bills.  I have no savings to fall back on, and if anything happens, I'm in bad bad shape.  So, I think this is my best option for right now.  I have a plan set that would get me filing for it in January or early February.  Until then, I'm going to do my work and pay what I can and see where things fall after my freelance comes in.

Share your thoughts if you would.  I definitely need advice in this.  I know the consequences of filing, how long it stays on your credit, how it could affect insurance, and so forth.  For right now though, I could just use a fresh slate. Anyway, I leave you with two photos.  I'll post more when I have time to finish touching the others up. Enjoy.

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