Hey all!!

I'm in a fantastic mood. My new job is awesome. I love my coworkers. Everyone has been so nice. I've met some really cool people so far. I like what I do too. It's a challenge, but it's a good one. I think it'll be really fulfilling. The schedule is flexible. I don't have to be exactly on time every day. That's great for me because I'm not always perfectly on schedule.

I'm also taking a Monday night class. So far so good there. I'm the only girl, and oddly...one of my classmates went to grade school with me. He has no idea who I am though. So that's interesting. I discovered that I'm very ahead of the game on a lot of things in that class. I'm just more of a leader and have made a lot of things happen that most college students don't attempt. The kids in the class seemed pretty surprised at my experience and skills...including the teacher. So that's great. I'll learn a lot of the technical stuff I didn't know. So this class will really cap things off for me at least in the technical area.

I've made some progress on the website too. I finally got legal information up, like Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy. They still need some revision and such, but at least there's something up there to protect me now. Slowly I'm moving along. The next important thing to do is to get a fix for the layout for IE6. I need to have the template detect the browser and adjust accordingly. Perhaps I'll ask a friend for some help there.

I'm pretty tired so I'll keep this short tonight. Things are looking good, and I'm happy. This is a new era for me. Onward and Upward! :D Good night all.