It's two days past my birthday, and you can guess by the title what the surprise birthday present was. That's right...I have an awesome girlfriend. She got me a Nintendo Wii. I was pretty blown away. I guess I did spoil her on her birthday...but still I wasn't expecting the Nintendo. She and I have talked about getting one, but I never asked for it for my birthday from anyone. I thought it was basically too much money and too hard to get. I guess I was wrong.

Yeah I've already wasted several hours of my life on that thing. I only have Wii Sports...the game that comes with it, but golf, tennis, boxing, baseball, and bowling are still a lot of fun. I even got my dad to play with me. I even went out of my way to get a second Wiimote. So i can play two player games now. I have no reason to have a gamecube anymore. Anyone want it?

Anyway, moving backwards in time now...Valentine's day was nice. I was shocked around 10 am by a delivery man. He said..."Hello" while my back was turned. I turned around and he shoved a big box in my face from a flower shop followed by a "Here ya go". I was pretty flabbergasted. I opened them to find a dozen red roses with a red vase and chocolates. The card didn't have Tracy's name on it, but it was clearly from her. It just said "I love you. Happy Valentine's Day." on it. She told me later that she wasn't sure if she should put her name on it because I'm not out to my coworkers yet. I appreciated that. I will come out to them on my own time.

At the end of the day I went and picked up her present: A giant teddy bear and a lily, which happens to be her favorite flower. Yes...I know she spent more on me. I didn't have any money then. I hadn't gotten my first paycheck yet. Stop pestering me about it! ;P We went to see a movie too: Music and Lyrics. I have to was quite good. I production wise, it doesn't really stand out. That's not the point though. As a movie, it was fun, well written, and just enjoyable to watch. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore had such chemistry. We loved it. After that, we went and got some light dessert...which ended up being a salad instead of dessert. Oh well. She had to go to work after that. Over all....great night. Best Valentine's day ever for me and I think for her too.

Thursday was pretty uneventful. I did some editing on my cousin's video. Got a third of it done. Friday wasn't very exciting either. When I got home, my parents asked me if I wanted to see "Bridge to Teribithia" with them. I decided to go. I cried through half the film. It's a tear jerker. I had read the book when I was I knew what to expect. Still...lots of tears. Great film and great movie. The kids in the film did a great job of acting. As usual Weta Workshop did a great job in special effects. It was a pretty solid translation of the book if my memory serves too. Highly recommended.

Saturday involved helping my sister move. I also did some more editing and my taxes. I've never hated doing taxes, because it always involves a return. Every year my return has gotten bigger. This year I'm getting over 1200 dollars back. That means I can fix my car and have some money left over to pay bills, like my web hosting bill. So that's nice. Money isn't so much of a worry anymore. I just hope I can make massive payments and get rid of my debt asap.

Sunday was my birthday. It was a good day. I relaxed most of the day. Dinner was big. My whole immediate family came over including my brother in law, my neice and my Tracy. We had a big steak dinner...which was nice. We had cheesecake for dessert. I opened presents. We all played a bit of Wii, and then everyone went their it home or to bed.

Monday was a paid holiday for me. That was nice. I took Kitty to the vet. He got two booster shots. He behaved very well. I didn't think it'd go so well, but it did. I came home and took apart my computer to bring to a client meeting. He wanted to see what I've done on the video...which is nothing. He's never given me a script despite my partner and I bugging him like crazy about it. He seems to want me to cut a video with no frame of reference. Cutting a video with no script is like building a house with no blueprints...or baking a cake without the ingredients list. He's got the idea now.

I went to class at night and it wasn't bad. I am pretty sure my teacher likes me. I take control of situations. I push through problems to see them fixed. I have a creative drive. A lot of people in the class don't. They do what they need to do, and that's it. I do more than I need to. Because of that, he's let me do some editing during class time. I'm the only person working ahead, and my idea is probably the best of any of my classmates. I met a couple random girls that aren't in the class, but are in the program. They thought my video was great. They also said the guys in the class are probably jealous that I'm kicking their butts. :D

Today was pretty uneventful. I went to work, wrote scripts, chatted with some coworkers, and was productive. I'm meshing with my coworkers even more. That's nice. They called me back today and I thought I had done something wrong. I rounded the corner to be greeted by "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" That was a surprise. My job is full of surprises. I love it so far.

Well...this book should end I think. I've been writing too long. I'll continue this again soon...and keeping it a bit shorter too. :) G'night all.