I'm almost done!! It's the last week of classes for my undergraduate degree. I have my capstone project due in just under a week. So I've been working hard on it. I also have one paper and an independent study left. The paper is already written. I just need to work solely on the two other projects. Commencement happens on May 20th. How cool is that?!!

So, if anyone was wondering about the lack of updates, that'd be why. After May 20th, you'll see a drastic increase in how much I post. I have some pretty big plans for TransLife over the summer. I'm also working on another website idea that I want to do as well. I'll give you a hint in that it wont be anything like translife. In fact it's a multimedia comic / animation site. You'll like it.

My independent study is on a programming language called Ruby on Rails. This summer, my goal is to build an entirely new system for all of translife. Right now there are several programs running that comprise this website: Nucleus CMS for blogging, MediaWiki for the Transgender 101 section, and phpbb for the forums. They work well and are designed for ease of use, but they aren't designed to work as a cohesive unit. I'm going to change all of that by redesigning the entire thing from scratch.

There are things I want to see happen. I want to see the forums and diaries more integrated. For example, recent posts in the forum would be listed on the diary. Posting to the diary may post also to a forum topic. Spam control is a big one. I want this site to be more accessible with less Spam issues. One of the big things I want to see is the ability for everyone to have their own photo gallery. It's semi possible right now, but only through a lot of micro management by myself. Avatars, audio, integration of karma / point based system. And so on, and so on...

If you have any ideas, feel free to comment and add / request them. I can't gaurantee that they will be in the first build of the new site, but I'll attempt to integrate them down the road. Anyway, I better get back to my work. See ya soon.