So...3:00 am a couple of nights ago I had to call the cops. I live next to a bar, and a drunkard decided that my balcony, which is accessible from the street, was an excellent choice for his night's slumber. I wouldn't have noticed he was even there if it weren't for kitty. He was over by the window peeking out. So I peeked out too. I was a bit surprised. So I called the non-emergency number. I happen to live literally across the street from the cop shop. So it took them about 2 minutes to get here.

There was some interesting conversation going on between the cop and the drunkard, mainly coming from the drunkard. It involved him having 16 thousand dollars in his wallet...then five minutes later him having 2 thousand dollars in his cetera et cetera. So it was pretty interesting. Eventually he finally got the point that he had to leave and headed home. The cop called me to tell me everything was clear and that the guy was told that he'd go to jail if he came back. What a fun and exciting life I live...

In other news, I've been designing a solid database for the new website. I've also been working on the background for my animated series. It'll be neat and I'm excited about both projects. For now though...tis dinner time. Write more later.