Today has been a huge boring waste of a day. I woke up late, didn't want to move, and sat in my desk chair for several hours talking with friends. I realize that every once in a while we need days like that, but I always feel guilty when that happens. I have so much to do, and none of it is getting done. Still...I think a part of me is enjoying the lack of use of my brain. It's probably the weather. It's pretty dreary out.

Anyway, in other news, I have a girlfriend now. We made it official on Saturday night. So that's great. We giggle so much when we're together. It's pretty awesome that we enjoy each other's company so much. Several friends have told me to invite them to the committment ceremony, which I think is funny. That's not even a consideration right now. We're just enjoying each other and such.

Job news...I got called by a recruiting firm about a possible job on Friday. Sent them my resume, but otherwise haven't heard anything. It's a rather high paying job, which suggests to me that I wont get the job. I'm trying to be optimistic though. I also applied for a couple more jobs. I take it a week at a time. I send out three or four a week, which is a good pace I think. Still a bit discouraging though... I make around 400 dollars a month right now. It barely pays my bills, and my credit card debt is just mounting. Christmas is coming, and I can't afford to buy anyone anything. This is why I hated the holidays last year. If you recall...I was a huge sourpuss then. It may be the same this year.

TransLife has become a bit of a stagnant point for me. I want to do stuff with it, but I don't have any resources to do anything as of yet. I need a job before I can really do anything with it. So for now, I just have to leave it as is. I might get the motivation to be uber productive on it, but we'll see. I have my research to finish, which has been sitting on my desk for months. I also have my job apps to send out. I have my professional website that I'm working on...slowly. I also have my spiritual journey occupying my thoughts, and my epic story which I want to turn into an animated series is taking most of my focus. I can't help it. My creative mind is seeking an outlet, and the story is taking up most of that outlet energy. It's coming along nicely, but I feel guilty because I should be doing other things.

That's where I'm at right now...on the positive...Tracy is my girlfriend, and on the negative...feeling stuck in my job and life right now. It makes for some interesting emotional swings. I see Tracy, and things are great. Then...I work my stupid part time job, and I get depressed. Ups and Downs. I'm surviving, but I truly hope things look better soon.

Oh yeah...on another positive, I met with a guy at the local tech school about television production and my talents. For once, I had someone tell me I had skills. He basically said that anyone with an eye for video could and should be able to see that I have talent. I just need a little bit of investment in time. He suggesting I take a course in High Definition Video production next semester, which I'm already working on getting registered for. And then he's also compiling a list of locations I could send my resume and such to. So perhaps things will look up soon. Cross your fingers for me if you could. Thanks.

Well...I should get ready for work and clean up my mess in my room. Talk to you all soon.