So...before my life update which I will do later in after I sleep, I wanted to share an fun event that happened tonight. I got home from my parents house at about midnight. I brought everything up to my apartment and noticed about 5 big spiders in the hallway. Normally I can tolerate that. They live there...they eat and don't bother me. However, they get kinda big. These were a bit bigger than a quarter. So I decided....not cool.

I went inside and grabbed my broom. Low and behold there's one on my ceiling. So I killed it, and then killed the ones in my hallway. I feel kinda bad killing them, but I just don't like the possibility that they could get in my place like that one did.

I looked down the hall and noticed some strange motion on the balcony. I decided to check it out. I went and turned on the lights and walked out. Immediately I saw like...10 of the darned spiders all of which were rather large. I decided to do nothing about it then. Instead tomorrow I'm buying some Raid or something that will kill them. I'd rather keep them away.

Suddenly I see that strange motion again. Something was moving into the balcony from one of the archways. I ducked and a bat flew in and then back out after it realized I was there. It was about 4 feet away from me. I was so freaked because it was so unexpected. It didn't necessarily scare me that much...just freakishly cool.

I moved my car to the parking lot, which is behind my place. You can see the balcony from there. I watched the three or four bats looping around the balcony area, flying in and out of the balcony. I've suspected that bats live in the balcony for the entire time I've lived here. This is the first time I've seen them. I don't mind them at all. They control the insect population and havent caused any harm. Of course I did just kill several spiders that do the same thing, but those can get in my place and bit me easier than the bats could.

So yeah...that's my night. I'll check back in later today to give the full update complete with photos. :) See ya then.