I apologize for not getting any updates to you all that check this regularly. School is really kicking my butt right now. I feel like I'm being suffocated by all the work I have. My schedule begins every day at 6:45 am and ends at about midnight. I have had major assignments due just about every day. I've never been this busy with school in my life. Even now, I have three big homeworks due tomorrow. I have my first exam on Tuesday. I have a quiz Wednesday. At some point in there I have to finish the shooting for the miniseries we started this weekend. Thursday night is the student leadership awards ceremony. My parents are coming up for it. Friday is my birthday. Chris has ordered me to take that night off and relax. He doesn't have to tell me twice. I'm going to.

Anyway, I am going to try to write an update each day that's regarding a different aspect of my life recently. There's been quite a bit going on. I'll do my best to keep my word on that. Keep watching for the New York Times article. It should be out any day now. Have a great day.