So here's a little background quick before the poll. I'm a fifth year student with three semesters left before I graduate. I'm a public communications major with a lot of relevant experience. The job in question is the Media Specialist position at the University I go to. My name has been passed around already by the former media specialist as someone capable of replacing him. I would be putting together video projects for the staff and university. I would also work with students and teach classes on how to use the media effectively.

However, I have a lot going for me at the student run TV studio. I'm currently the production manager and am in the running for station manager. Those two positions are great on a resume for any future media job too. I like the TV station too. I also have potential for advancement at the help desk with some of the projects I'm working on. There's even talk of me and a friend running for very important student senate positions next year. Financially I'll be fine because of my current jobs and the increases in pay and hours I'll get next year. Also, because I'll be 24, I'll get a lot more financial aid.

So it comes down to this: Take the job and finish off school slowly over the next few years. Stay here in my small town, but have a well paying job in the bag already that is in my field of interest. OR finish the three semesters, use my potential and experience learned in the next three semesters to land a job somewhere in a different location. However, that job is not certain. Oh and feel free to add comments if you have advice for me. Thanks for responding.