I went to a wedding on Saturday night despite being sick. It turned out to be a lot of fun. I made some cool friends, and ate some good food. I didn't really dance because I was just too tired from being sick and being on meds. I totally would have had I not been sick though. Kevin, the guy who asked me to come, even asked me to dance, but I was practically passed out when he did. I ended up getting a ride home early because I was just wiped out. I still enjoyed the time that I spent there though.

I knew I would think about being single and stuff during the ceremony. I think about that too much. But, with what happened...or should I say hasn't happened with Jill, I guess it's no surprise. She still hasn't said anything to me. It's been a whole week. By now, I've already decided that she's not worth my time. I've given her a lot of chances, and she gets no more. She obviously doesn't want to be with me, and I'm sick of letting her pull me along like that. She never gave me a reason to trust her. So, yeah, I thought about that during the wedding ceremony as well as the fact that I can't legally marry whichever woman I fall in love with. Very depressing thoughts. At least I had some charming friends to lift my spirits.

It was my first night in a skirt since SRS. I haven't seen the sun much at all, particularly my legs. So, hence the title of this diary entry...pasty white. I was wearing a black skirt, so they contrasted a lot. I didn't really care all that much though. Here's a picture of me kinda sorta dancing with Kevin. You can't see my legs though. Despite being sick, I look pretty good.

<%popup(20040912-dancing.jpg|606|605|Click here to see Jess Dancing with Kevin)%>

Today was the first meeting at the TV studio. It went well, but due to me still being sick, I didn't cover all that I could have. My mind wasn't really there tonight. I also felt bad because one of the girls I hired thought she was getting a news reporter position. When she found out she was production, she seemed rather disappointed. I mainly feel bad because news wanted her too, but she applied for both jobs. I liked her enthusiasm and she seemed to want production when she talked to me. I'm just worried that they will all think I hired her because she's very attractive, which is definitely not the case. She showed so much more interest and excitement about working there that she really stood out among the other applicants. I actually hired more guys than girls because I wanted people who were really interested.

Aside from all that, I slept half of the weekend. 12 hours Friday to Saturday and another 12 hours Saturday to Sunday. I figured sleep is one of the best things for colds, and I was tired anyway. I did nothing as far as school goes. Didn't touch my homework. I doubt I could have focused to read anyway. All my homework has been reading textbooks. I hate reading text books. They put me to sleep, and since I was already tired, we can see where that would have gone. I did manage to finish watching the first season of Buffy the Vampire slayer though. It's the perfect length for doing dilations. It's also a very fun show. I like it. Anyway, again, it's time for bed. I'm really tired and need enough sleep. I'll write more soon.