I'll be mean and save the title for the end. The museum was really cool. I got to see some very old and rare artifacts from Egypt. It was fascinating. As soon as we walked into the exhibit, there was a real mummy sitting there. The amount of color in the exhibit was astounding. The Egyptians definitely liked gold. We weren't allowed to touch anything of course, but I don't know if I'd want to. It just amazes me the kind of culture they had and how they lived. I am such a dork.

After the museum, my family went out for Chinese food at this authentic place. It was excellent and I was stuffed. At one point the waitress was bringing out more food or something and was talking to us. She looked at us kids in the family and asked "Are all of these your daughters?" My mother replied "Yup, these are all my daughters." The waitress said "Even the one in the middle?" referring to me. I'm sitting there wondering why she's singling me out and suddenly getting very uncomfortable. My mom said "yup, her too". Then the waitress said "Why is she so much taller than everyone else?" My fears were mostly quelled at that. My mom just said I got my father's height. The woman told me I should have played basketball. I just agreed and moved on. The rest of the family seemed to think nothing of it, but I had my nerves significantly rattled for the day. Still, it's cool that she didn't question anything else. I'm just a tall girl. And my mother referred to me as her daughter and used female pronous. She's learning. Way to go Mom.

So here's the big surprise. So, I had been kinda down that Jill didn't call me this weekend after giving her my number last week Thursday. I was all paranoid that she wasn't going to talk to me when I got back too. (I'm insecure, can you tell?) Well, of course she did talk to me because she's a sweetheart. Here's the big surprise, she's possibly taking a trip this weekend to go shopping at one of the bigger malls near where I live. She was suggesting we get lunch when she goes. I am still a bit surprised by it. I figured she was still way uncomfortable with that idea. I guess she's gotten over the trans issues enough. That's so awesome. So yeah...now I'm nervous. Funny, I'm not nervous at all about SRS in four weeks, but I am nervous about meeting Jill. Weird how that works. Anyway, that's the big surprise. I think it's a good one.