Yes, yes, I have been lazy with my diary. Several of you e-mailed me about my lack up an update this past week. I apologize. However, I will say that had I updated, you would have been rather bored. I didn't have much going on and it took me this long to get enough stuff to make a decent entry. Anyway, on to the content.

Though I was lazy with making an entry, I haven't been lazy with the site. I've spent my entire week inbetween calls at work creating the new design for this site. It's looking pretty neat. I had a menu design that just failed outright, but I think that's a good thing. The idea was cool, but not practical. The new one looks pretty and does what I want it to. Just wait to see it. I also redid the logo and created a new video clip that I have to put up soon. Once I remember how to properly stream video, I'll do that. It's nifty.

For those of you that write a lot on this site, I'm going to be putting up a link to create an account. It's not to create a blog, but it'll allow you to sign in so it remembers you when you comment on stuff. That'll come with the version update of the diary system. There are going to be two new sections on the site. One with some random writings I've done in the past and present as well as writings from Lauren if she wants to post stuff. I'm also going to set up a forum for anyone that wants to talk about transgender issues. Oh, and for my friend werfe1, I will be updating the pictures page.

Let's see, other excitement for the week. Monday was genital electrolysis. That was a blast, let me tell ya. I will say that it's not as painful as laser if done right. I had a numbing agent on the area, and my electrolygist used ice as well. So after that, it felt pretty much like normal electrolysis. Very tolerable. Thursday was my second genital laser treatment. I had a friend set up to drive me back from that, since I had pain meds to take for it. So we picked up breakfast, headed towards the freeway, and I realized I left my pain meds on my dresser. We didn't have time to go back for them. So I had to suffer through an hours worth of intense pain. The nice thing is, since I had electrolysis and there was less hair after the first laser treatment, it didn't hurt nearly as bad as I expected. Nevertheless, it was still painful. Two more months of this, and I'm done though. So I can tolerate it. So basically, it was a physically painful week.

The best part that happened involved money. I FINALLY got paid by the University of Illinois for my speaking earlier this semester. I didn't expect to get paid at all. The really nice thing is I got paid four times as much as I was supposed to. I dropped my jaw when I saw that. Right when I needed money too. I was so broke this week. My parents had to help me out. Rent, two electrolysis sessions, one laser session, and I had no food in my house. All that totalled about $725, and I had about $100 on Monday. I made it through ok though.

Tuesday night I went to a local youth group for queer kids. They are looking for volunteers to help out, and I thought I'd get the feel for it to see if I'm interested. I think I am, though I don't know if the times will work for me. The kids are cool. I had fun, though I didn't participate all that much. I was trying to get to know everyone. I'll fill out the paperwork and see how it goes. Maybe I can help out during the school year instead, since the times work out better then.

A couple of the girls in the group were from the high school I spoke at earlier this year. They made sure to invite me to a picnic on Friday that all the local schools were participating in. They had a gift for me apparently. That was a huge surprise. I really don't do my speaking out of any desire for gifts or even money most of the time. The U of Illinois pay was simply to cover travel expenses. I do it because it makes a difference. So, when I get offered a gift, it's very unexpected.

I went to the picnic and felt very out of place simply because I haven't been in high school for five years now. That's ok though, eventually I got used to it and had fun. I played frisbee with a bunch of people and ate some good food too. The youth group facilitator was there, and we talked, as well as a few others that I also knew. Eventually the kids gave me the gift. It was a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. That's wonderful since that's the first place I'm going to after SRS. It was an excellent gift. If any of you high school kids read this, thanks a lot. :)

Well, that was my week. Hopefully something exciting will happen this coming week as well, so I can actually write about stuff. In the meantime, today I woke up at 3:00 in the afternoon, so I realy need to get moving. I would like to do something productive today before the sun goes down. See ya later.