I had my surgical consultation yesterday with Dr Eugene Schrang. It went really well. I have set the day for my SRS now. Officially, my vagina will be born on August 3rd, 2004 at 7:30 am. I can't believe how soon that actually is; only two and a half months away. I'm actually getting a little nervous. I'm still extremely excited though.

I also got some other really really cool news. I was asking him if he'd be ok with me shooting for my documentary, since I've been wanting to do this documentary for a while now. He said that he doesn't really like having camera people in the operating room because they just get in the way. I was ok with that. In a way I'm not sure I want to ever watch that surgery anyway. He asked me how comfortable I am with people knowing I'm trans. I told him I'm very comfortable and in most cases prefer that people know. He then made the awesome offer. He gets contacted frequently by national TV networks looking for a smart, attractive, young trans girl about to get the surgery to do a documentary on. He was curious if I was interested.

I jumped at the idea. He showed me the list of people that contacted him. There were people from MSNBC, CBS's 48 hours, ABC, and even the Discovery Channel. I am excited about this, but at the same time, very intimidated. I told him I'd like a day or so to think about it. He told me not to take too long since surgery is close. This morning I decided it was too much of a great opportunity to pass up. I don't care about the intimidation. I'd regret it if I didn't do this. So I e-mailed him to let him know I want to. He's going to go through the list to see who would do the best job and contact them. Then he'll let me know. So, watch for me on network TV in the next six months or so.

I'm hoping, since it's my field of study anyway, that they'll let me turn it into an internship. I have a lot to offer a network trying to do a documentary. Not only that, I have lots of ideas. I hope they are ok with that. It'd be a great opportunity for me to get my foot in the door and get my name out there to the networks. Hopefully it'll be a good experience. I'll keep the site updated with the latest news and developments. So yeah, just a bit of excitement in a day. Really makes being ditched by a girl last week seem rather trivial. I think I'll be ok by myself for a while. This whole thing is going to be keeping me busy for a while anyway. Well, back to work. Only one more exam to go. Wish me luck.