So on my last weekend of my Spring Break, I decided to go visit one of my best friends out of state. I drove out there and things were fine. Saturday we had been shopping at the mall and when I got back to my car, there was a note from someone saying "My rear left tire is really low". So I went and looked. Sure enough, it was really low. So I drove to a gas station and filled the tire. It seemed fine.

I drove on that tire the rest of the day and into the next day. Sunday, I went to get lunch with my friend. After eating I was going to head back up to school. That's when someone pointed out my tire was flat. Figures that it was pouring rain too. So my friend and I put the spare on and drove back to his place. I looked online for any tire place open on a luck. So, a computer helpdesk is open on sunday because people can have emergencies anytime, but a tire place can't because tires don't blow on wait. I don't understand that. Why not be open?

I managed to get to my parents house, which was about a 90 minute drive on the donut spare tire. It was pouring and I was crying most of the way. The rain seemed to match my mood pretty well. My break just sucked as a whole. One friend I was going to visit cancelled. The visit with my friend that I did get to go to was boring aside from the tire excitement. Aside from that, the only good thing was meeting Dr. Schrang. I suppose I did get to relax too. That was nice, but overall break seemed like such a waste.

I got my tire replaced on monday. I actually needed two since another one was on it's way out. Two hundred dollars later and I finally got back to school. I missed 4.5 hours of work and all my classes. Now I feel like I'm behind. Japanese is really kicking my butt this semester. I'm not going to make the dean's list, that's for sure.

The one thing that did go really well was my Wellness theory class yesterday. I got to speak to the class about transgender. It was fun. I got lots of good questions. I'm sure I'll get more too, since I'm in the class and will see everyone later.

Oh yeah, someone also wrote a nice comment in the guestbook. I'm leaving it there for now. I just think it's funny that the person was willing to make such a bold statement, but wasn't willing to put any sort of other information about themself there. No name, AIM, or e-mail address. I just think it's pretty weak if you're going to make a statement like that, and yet, not be willing to stand up personally for your own opinions. I figure it's someone who probably has their own issues to work out, whatever they may be. I mean, the person was on this website for a reason.

This week is stressful. I hope it ends soon. I'll talk to ya'll later.