So, yesterday was my job that wasn't the good thing. It went well, but it wasn't fun. The fun part was after that. I went to talk to Libby, a lesbian friend that had some research questions for me. We met at a little coffee shop. It was fun. We talked for a long time, and now we're better friends.

The best part was that she was talking about a friend of hers, also named Jessica. I remember this girl from one of my presentations on campus. I remember thinking she was really cute, but just assuming she was straight. Well, Libby tells me she's not, and she's also single and looking. I told her to send Jess my way. She would try.

Someone asked me last night online if it would be weird dating someone with my same name. I don't think it will be, but it might get confusing. I know it was when my friends Chris and Chris were dating. But again...I don't care. On top of that, I'm getting way too far ahead of myself. I need to see this girl again first and get past saying hi. I know the next time I see her I'll get butterflies. That's ok though. Those are fun.

Today, another good thing happened. While I was getting ready this morning, I checked my accounts online to see if everything was ok. I noticed there was a lot more money in my account than there should have been. I found a deposit of $1,000 in there that I had no idea where it had come from. After picking my jaw up from off the floor, I reasoned that I would have to find out where this is from, because if it was a bank error, it'd get taken away. Well, I first e-mailed my parents, and they responded rather quickly. Apparently that was their tax break for each child in school or something. So they gave it to me and my sisters.

Apparently my dad was going to call or e-mail me about this before, but forgot to. That's no surprise since he never remembers to do that sort of thing. He's getting old. I'm excited though. My rent is pretty much covered until the end of the semester now. And I think I'm going to look into getting laser on my lower back. Or maybe I'll finally buy a Gamecube. I've wanted to get one of those for quite a while. We'll see. Well, back to work.